Best Tacos in Calgary? Here’s a top 10 list!

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Best Tacos in Calgary

The term “best” is very subjective, so it’s difficult to make a ‘top 10 list’ that everyone can agree with, but, screw it, we’re gonna make a list anyway and hopefully everyone agrees with it because we’re awesome. Here are some of the best tacos in Calgary, as rated by us! But I mean, this is our opinion, you’ll absolutely need to go out and find the best tacos for yourself. Also they aren’t really rated. Putting them in order from 10 to 1 is too much responsibility.

It wasn’t that long ago that Calgary’s taco scene consisted primarily of sub-par fast food shops and generic Tex-Mex franchise restaurants. Fast forward a couple of years and Calgary’s taco scene is so bustling that there’s even a yearly taco festival that celebrates the humble Mexican street food! The options are always expanding, and local chefs are always coming up with new fun and crazy ways to design a taco. Some of them might not pass the sniff test for truly authentic REAL Mexican tacos, but that is perfectly okay. The taco snobs will have their favourites and the rest of us can enjoy something crazy in peace. There are however some amazing actual authentic Mexican tacos in Calgary and you should go try them.

Everything on our list is authentic ?

Here we go! It’s listed in geographical order from west to east, because sometimes you might need to the best tacos in Calgary from West to East. Don’t ask just go with it man.

Cruz Tacos

Best Tacos in Calgary - Cruz Tacos

Our best tacos in Calgary list starts off with a place you’ve probably never heard of. Located in the Granary Road Farmers Market southwest of Calgary, the Cruz Tacos menu is prepared fresh daily from traditional recipes passed down from the owner’s grandmother, with a modern twist. While you’re there scarfing down tacos, check out the rest of the market and visit their grounds. Really fun place. We were invited to check out their digs when they opened – go see!

Tres Marias

Best Tacos in Calgary - Tres Marias

Not only can you crush some of the most authentically Mexican tacos in Calgary here, but they also have a cool little grocery store stocked with freshly made tortillas, burritos, empanadas, signature salsas, and even meals to go. One of the best tacos in Calgary for sure. They do have a number of gluten free options too.

Heaven Restaurant

Best Tacos in Calgary - Heaven restaurant

No best tacos in Calgary list would be complete with out a gluten-free option. This Venezuelan gem located on 17th Ave SW serves up some of the best tacos this foodie has ever had, and yes they’re 100% gluten free. Best served up with beer. From 5-9 on Tuesdays their tacos are 25% off.

Spicy Amigos

Best Tacos in Calgary - Spicy Amigos

Located on 4th Ave SW just before the Kensington bridge, Spicy Amigos has been rapidly making a name for itself as THE go-to Mexican restaurant downtown. The simplicity and authenticity of their menu explains why you need to get there early at lunchtime to avoid the lines. They have a patio and are licensed, and yes they have Mezcal. Closed Sundays.

Blanco Cantina

Best Tacos in Calgary - Blanco Cantina

Tex-Mex done right! Our personal heroes for taking on Taco Time’s ridiculous Taco Tuesday copyright claim. Some of the best tacos in Calgary live here. Also you must try their nachos! Every day between 3pm-5pm is #HalfyHour, which is 1/2 price tacos/nachos/margaritas/beer/tequila! Fun fact: they have a ridiculously large selection of Tequila. They’ve got a patio located right on 17th, so it’s not only a good place to stuff your face, but it’s a fun place to people watch. Love that place.


Best Tacos in Calgary - Anejo

Anejo is quite simply the heart of 4th street SW. From its oh-so-cool location in the landmark Rose building to its inspired & interactive Mexican cuisine, they host up a great place to bring some friends or family for a night out. Their atmosphere is fun, food is good, booze is good, check them out if you haven’t. They have gluten free tacos and even a lactose free option (shrimp tacos).

Native Tongues

Best Tacos in Calgary - Native Tongues

Probably the best fusion of ‘designer taco meets authentic Mexican experience’ in Calgary. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better taco crushing location for you and your friends in the entire city. Native Tongues is located next door to the Beltline Pool, and the Beltliner diner, just on 12th ave there. In addition to serving up some of the best tacos in Calgary, they also have a nice selection of cocktails and Mezcal based drinks. Mmm. Checkout their “reserve happy hour” every night from 10pm until close:

  • Hamburguesa Al Carbon (the works, served with chips & hot sauce) – $9
  • AGD beer – $4
  • Wild Turkey Bourbon – $5
  • Tacos De Guisados (suadero, carnitas, chorizo, pollo, hongo, frijoles) – $2.50

Unimarket (north and south)

Best Tacos in Calgary - Unimarket

With two locations, Unimarket is as legit as they come for tacos in YYC. They have probably the best Latin American grocery store in the city, an amazing butchery in their south location, and you need to get there early at lunch time if you’re craving their tacos, which happens to pretty much anyone that’s been there before.

Tropical On 17

Best Tacos in Calgary Tropical on 17
Photo credit: @Tropicalyyc Instagram

If you haven’t been to Tropical on 17th yet, you’re missing out on some amazing authentic tacos.  They’re family owned and operated and have been in Calgary several for years. Within their space they have TVs, upbeat music, and a big selection of creative cocktails. And tacos!

Tacos Mexico

Best Tacos in Calgary - Tacos Mexico

Our last restaurant on this list is certainly not the least. Tacos Mexico is located in the SE, across the street from Marlborough Walmart in a little unassuming retro looking building. You’ve probably driven past it a million times but never gone in. You’d never expect that some of the best tacos in Calgary (and most authentic) are behind those doors. Their tacos are legit, and they also have a wonderful selection of other Mexican foods. Highly recommended you check them out.

Honorable Mentions:

Order Online

Most of the above restaurants use – so you can order tacos do your damn house! Life is good.

If You Need More Mexican Restaurants

If you’re after more than just tacos, we’ve also put together a list of Mexican restaurants in Calgary to check out.


Tacos are life. Hopefully this list has helped you track some down.

What did we miss?

Is there another place that we may have overlooked? Where do you go to find the best tacos in Calgary? Drop in a comment below!


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