The Ultimate Guide To Brunch in Calgary (2020)

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Where Calgary Foodies Go For Good Brunch

Taking people out for brunch in Calgary is such a treat unto itself! However there’s so many good places to have brunch in this city that it can be a little overwhelming. There’s even places that have all day brunch. It’s incredible. Love breakfast food so much! See our list below. Try them all and leave your comments at the bottom. #SupportLocal!

  • The brunch you see below are only from places we’ve been to.
  • Are we missing a brunch you recommend? Drop a comment in at the bottom!

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1886 Buffalo Cafe

1886 Buffalo Cafe Breakfast Burritos

1886 Buffalo Cafe Havaros Rancheros Eggs and cheese

1886 Buffalo Cafe only serves breakfast, so as you’d expect, they’re really good at it. Their menu only has brunch items, breakfast burritos, egg dishes, omelettes, steak, etc. There are a few smaller dishes as well, if you’re not that hungry. The menu also has a small beer selection, if breakfast beers are your thing.

They’ve been in the Eau Claire location for a very long time (the building is over 100 years old) and a lot of history took place there. The basement of the restaurant (where the bathrooms are, not wheelchair accessible) has been turned into a kind of history museum. Framed photos all over the walls, and even an old timey office – which they use as .. an office.

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Alforno Bakery & Cafe

Brunch in Calgary Alforno Bakery

This jewel in the core is a counter style ordering restaurant where you can take it to go or grab a table and your order will be brought to you. Breakfast ranges from take and go to full plated meals that include pancakes, benedicts and more! Not to mention their amazing pastry case, artisan gift items, and delicious coffee bar!

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Blanco Cantina

Bunch in Calgary Blanco Cantina

Oh Blanco, how I love thee, let me count the delicious ways. Not only do they have the best happy hour ever (HALFY HOUR WHATUP YO!) but they rock brunch like a mofo AND have like a zillion tequilas behind the bar to play with. Yes, we solemnly swear that we get up to no good with our friends at Blanco. Not only are they awesome supporters of our charitable shenanigans but the food is so goooooood (and the french press coffee rocks my caffeinated world).

Bacon & egg tacos, deep fried french toast, heuvos rancheros are just a few of the tasty treats waiting for you this weekend! Tequila is totally a breakfast drink because I said so.

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Blue Vinny Diner

brunch in Calgary Blue Vinny Diner

This little slice of heaven is tucked away on Stephen Avenue and boasts a full menu and a vibrant people watching scene. The owners can also be seen serving and cooking on any given day, much to the delight of diners, however they are only open for breakfast and lunch. Our picky kiddo will eat everything and anything there (last weekend she inhaled the steak breakfast) and I tend to dream about the Club Sandwich (pictured above) more often than I should.

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One of our favourite gems in Kensington, the Brasserie never fails to impress no matter why you’re there. The brunch menu features classics with a Canadian focus, along with weekly specials. Don’t forget to get your brunch booze on with their custom cocktails! In addition to their brunch they also offer a wonderful high tea you may want to check out.

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Chix Egg Shop

Brunch in Calgary Chix Egg Shop

The newest venture from veteran Calgary chefs Connie DeSousa and John Jackson, Chix Egg Shop brings a fun brunch spot that’s open every day to the East Village! Mimosas, giant cookies, breakfast & lunch dishes, and FRENCH TOAST PIE OMG OMG OMG. Order at the counter and take it to go, or have a seat at the counter or a table and one of the staff will bring your food to you.

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Leopold’s Tavern

Bunch in Calgary Leopolds Tavern Beltline Hangover Poutine

One of our newest fave to the local brunch scene is Leopold’s Tavern. They are rocking two locations in Calgary (Beltline and Bowness) and have the BEST decor I’ve ever seen,. Think metal loving teenager meets local bar meets tchotski central. Seriously, looking at the ceiling is basically like being in my bedroom circa high school ages.

The star I’m featuring here is Leo’s Breakfast Club. They offer a special that changes monthly which your friendly server will give you all the yummy details and the best deal anywhere in the city $12.50 and that INCLUDES an alcoholic bevvie or coffee/pop/juice! Let that sucker sink in for a hot second. Under thirteen bucks for your breakfast and your drink? That’s just….nuts. You’d think for that price that the quality or service would suffer. NOPE! The servers are all amazeballs, the portions are HUGE and it’s all super yummy. You can even bring your kids with you.

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Monki Breakfastclub & Bistro

Brunch in Calgary Monki Bistro Waffles

We love Monki because it’s not the usual fare (chocolate for brekkie, yo) and their menu satisfies your sweet and savory cravings. I love having sweet fondue for brunch! The staff are very friendly in this cozy space and they keep the delicious coffee refills coming. Reservations are recommended because both locations can get quite busy. If you know people visiting from out of town and they want to try some good food here, send them to Monki Breakfastclub & Bistro for brunch. Their logo is the coolest too!

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Native Tongues Taqueria 

Bunch in Calgary Native Tongues

Next up on the brunch block is Native Tongues. I admit, I love this place any time of day and make no bones about it being the best damn cheeseburger in the city. For brunch they threw an egg on it and now it’s also my favourite brunch burger! Pair that bad girl with a little mezcalrita and I’m one shiny, happy, Mrs.

You’ll find all kinds of traditional Mexican breakfast items on their awesome menu as well as interesting items like my beloved Hamburguesa Al Carbon and even a salsa tasting! I like to finish every meal there with a handmade donut. I’m not a donut fan but these simple little rings of heaven totally do it for me.

They also have some killer Happy Hour specials, so make sure you check those out on your visit!

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OEB Breakfast Co.

Brunch in Calgary OEB Breakfast

A staple in the Calgary brunch scene, OEB is now rocking 3 locations with their tasty farm to table breakfast food. You can even buy dozens of local eggs to take home! We frequent the downtown location and are totally in love with the egg table. It can get quite busy so call ahead or check their website for wait times.

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Palomino Smokehouse

Brunch In Calgary Palomino Smokehouse

See that masterpiece? That’s something that would make The King proud, maybe write a little tune about it. Stuffed with peanut butter, banana, and honey with bacon and maple syrup on top. Next time I’m totally going to try the Bourbon Apple Pulled Pork French Toast. Mmmmmm, french toast.

The Palomino is not only a good brunch haunt, but they also have some legendary BBQ and pulled pork. They’re located right in the heart of downtown Calgary, have live music in the basement, a nice back side patio, 20oz beers, and the staff are cool. If you like eating meat, head to Palomino Smokehouse.

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River Cafe

River Cafe Brunch In Calgary

Set on Princes Island Park, River Cafe boasts an incredible river view, people watching, an elegantly appointed dining room, and my favourite patio in the city! I love french toast so I was beyond pleased when this gorgeous plate of wonderful toasty goodness was placed in front of me. This was a side add-on to my benedict but it totally stole the show. I can’t wait to try the full sized version!

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The Beltliner

Brunch in Calgary Beltline Caesar At The Beltliner

Rounding out the brunch block is my ride or die spot, The Beltiner. Named for the old streetcar that ran down 12th AVE SW in the early part of the last century, this outstanding local spot quickly became the place I spent many Saturday mornings and my preferred business meeting spot. Great food, local products, champions of causes near and dear to us, and all around good folks keep us coming back.

Aside from a great selection of traditional brunch items (shout out to my faves, the steel cut oatmeal and the veggie skillet), and blue plate specials. The breakfast sandwich that you can add to it, or take to go from the coffee counter, is hands down my favorite breakfast item IN THE WORLD. Thanks you Chef Macneil for that little hit of lime!

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Thomsons Restaurant (Hyatt Hotel)

Brunch in Calgary Thomsons Kitchen & Bar in the Hyatt Regency Calgary

Thomsons offers a Sunday brunch filled with a delicious a la carte menu, as well as an additional cold appetizer & dessert buffet that you can add on to your meal (it also includes your coffee & juice). Their mortadella breakfast sandwich is more meat than any one person knows what to do with in a single sitting. Om nom nom.

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 Brunch In Calgary Wurst Stuffed French toast

I only have three words. Are you ready?

Stuffed. French. Toast.

If someone said I could only eat ONE brunch item for the rest of my life, this would be it. Sure, everything else on their menu is fantastic, the coffee is banging, but that french toast is basically what it would look like if breakfast and lunch had a wet dream about each other.

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Vendome Café

 Brunch In Calgary Vendome Eggs Benny

 Brunch In Calgary Vendome Waffles With Blueberries

Probably the best breakfast poutine I’ve ever had. Vendome does everything right, from their coffee to their desserts and everything in between. There’s a reason why this place is always hopping. You can dine inside, on the patio, grab a bench outside, or take your food to go. Mini is in love with the waffles, and she’s not alone!

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Yellow Door Bistro

Yellow Door Bistro Brunch In Calgary
Photo credit: Yellowdoor Bistro website

Housed within the Hotel Arts property, Yellow Door offers breakfast daily, as well as a weekend Brunch Buffet. This isn’t your usual bland hotel breakfast. Choose from gourmet dishes, customizable oats, dessert bar, and so much more. The décor is to die for and the service is always top notch.

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In Conclusion

Calgary has some amazing brunch spots, and this list is only but a small fraction of them all, and new ones are opening all the time. It can be hard to keep up, but, we’re going to try every damn one of them. And you, you get out there and eat some amazing brunch! Cheers!


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  1. I recently went to brunch at pigeon hole! Didn’t even know they did brunch but it was amazing and surprisingly well priced for what we got!

  2. Smuggler’s Inn. $25, and a great selection and variety. Omelette station, typically 5-6 kinds of meat, charcuterie, waffle/cereal/sweet table.
    Oxbow, in Hotel Arts Kensington. Not as much variety as Smuggler’s, and the menu is slightly more ‘upscale’, but all v. good.

  3. This is a fantastic resource with amazing suggestions but you should add Pigeonhole to this list. They offer Brunch Wednesday thru Sunday and it is fabulously awesome!!!


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