Food Delivery Services In Calgary: Full Guide

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Contactless Delivery From Your Favourite Restaurants

Food delivery in Calgary is nothing new, but thanks to modern technology you can now get your favourite restaurant food delivered straight to your door, even if they don’t have their own delivery service. The days of only being able to get pizza or Chinese food delivered to your home are long over. There are several food delivery services operating in Calgary which means there are a lot of options to choose from, hopefully this blog post will help you with deciding. Some restaurants might only use one company, like SkipTheDishes while some might use all of them, you’ll need to do some checking for your favourites.

Don’t forget! Food delivery services can be used to not only bring you lunch or dinner, but you can also use them to bring food to other people. Do you know someone stuck at home? Perhaps they’re sick? Unable to leave the house for some reason? Order them up some food on your account, delivered to their address!

How Do The Food Delivery Apps Work?

  1. Open the app or website, search for what you’re hungry for.
  2. Pay for your order using a credit card, or online debit/PayPal if they support it.
  3. Receive food at your home, office, or wherever you are.
  4. Enjoy! And tip well!

Depending where you’re located, you might get a delivery by bike, scooter or even on foot. It’s no longer just vehicles. Don’t forget to order dessert.


Skip the dishes logo

SkipTheDishes is pretty well known as they’ve been around for a few years, in Calgary and throughout Canada and in some parts of the US. Did you know they’re a Canadian company? Yep, started up in Saskatoon. SkipTheDishes also has a very slick app! Very clear they’ve put a lot of time and money into this thing, and it’s probably the best food delivery service app I’ve used. It lists all of the relevant information you need, including delivery fee, food price and dish ingredients. They also have in-app deals you can take advantage of, like free food or free delivery offers. You can also order food for pickup using their app, but we’ve never tried that personally.

  • Hours: It depends on when the restaurant closes.
  • Delivery fee: depends on how far the driver has to go. Drivers keep 100% of the delivery fee and tip.
  • Referral: Sign up using our referral link and get $5 off your first order.

Food delivery services Calgary SkipTheDishes

Download SkipTheDishes

Food delivery services Calgary download skip the dishes app for apple ios
Food delivery services Calgary download Skip The Dishes app for android


Food delivery services Calgary Food ora

Foodora launched in Calgary on October 3rd in 2017. while it’s a great option for ordering office lunch (they even have an entire corporate account section), Foodora isn’t a late night option as they don’t operate as late as some of the other food delivery companies. For example, it’s 11:30 pm right now and of all the places listed in Foodora for “pizza”, none are available. It’s not that these places are closed, it’s just that Foodora’s hours are limited. Something of note; 7-11 and Foodora have partnered up, so you can get all sorts of junk food delivered right to your door. Stoners rejoice!

  • Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM. Last call at 9:30 PM.
  • Delivery fee: $4.50 if under $30. $3.50 if over $30. Drivers keep 100% of the tip.
  • Referral: Sign up using our referral link and get $10 off your first order.

Foodora Calgary Delivery Zone

Foodora will only deliver to the areas of Calgary that are within their delivery zone. See below for their current footprint.

Food delivery services Calgary Foodora

Download Foodora

Food delivery services Calgary download foodora app for apple ios
Food delivery services Calgary download Foodora app for android


Food delivery services Calgary door dash

Doordash arrived in Calgary back in 2017, and they’ve been stuffing faces ever since. Using their app you can order food from local restaurants and have it brought to your door .. in a dash. Ahhh. One of the perks Doordash offers that the other food delivery services don’t is they pick up food from places that don’t even have delivery. They’ll basically just order whatever you want from where you want, go to the restaurant, get it, then bring it to you. Doordash also has promotions fairly often, like free cookies with orders, or other goodies using codes.

In addition, Doordash offers something called “Dashpass”, which is a subscription service for $9.99/mo. With Dashpass deliveries over $15 are free, plus lower service fees.

  • Delivery fee: from $1.99 to $8.99. Drivers keep 100% of the tip.
    • Some restaurants offer free delivery if you order over a certain amount.
  • Referral: Sign up using our referral link and get $5 off your first 4 DoorDash orders over $20.

Food delivery services Calgary Doordash

Download Doordash

Food delivery services Calgary download doordash food delivery service app for apple ios
Food delivery services Calgary download doordash for android app


Food delivery services in Calgary Uber Eats

UberEATS is a popular choice if you like McDonalds! Highly recommended for hangovers. Payments are made through credit cards, debit or Google Pay. UberEATS occasionally has promotions as well, like 2-for-1 at certain restaurants, or delivering movie theatre popcorn to customers at home. Watch their social media for new campaigns.

  • Delivery fee: usually $3.49 to $7.49. Drivers keep 100% of their tips.
  • Referral: get $5 off your first order with our referral code: crackmacsc1ue

Food delivery services Calgary UberEATS

Download UberEATS

Food delivery services Calgary download ubereats app for apple ios
Food delivery services Calgary download ubereats app for Android


Fantuan Delivery is a delivery app that has a focus on Asian restaurants, ones which you probably won’t find in any other food delivery service app. You can order more than just restaurant food with Fantuan though, they’ll also deliver documents, snacks, things from 7-11 or other convenience stores, food from fast food chains, they’ll even deliver alcohol. Their app has promotions/coupons, and you can also order food for pickup (save 20%, no delivery costs).

  • Delivery fee: depends on distance the driver has to travel.

The Fantuan app has some English menus and translations, but a lot of it is Chinese. Choose from various foods; Sichuan spicy, Asian, Dessert & Drinks, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Fast Food, Northern or BBQ. Depending on the business you’re ordering from, you can customize your food toppings and ingredients. Sometimes there’s coupons or Fantuan exclusive discounts.

Download Fantuan Delivery

Food Delivery Services in Calgary Download apple ios Fantuan Asian Chinese food app
Food Delivery Services in Calgary Download Fantuan Asian Chinese food delivery on Android


While they’re all kind of similar, we prefer SkipTheDishes. STD has a decent app, more restaurants than the rest, and if any shenanigans happen with your order their customer service will usually take care of it. There’s lots of food delivery apps to choose from though! Which one do you prefer?


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  1. skip the dishes only returns a portion of your money if there’s a problem with your order. As well they won’t return the tip even if you never got the order. I don’t recommend them, or uber eats… similar reasons.


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