Crackmacs Pizza and Tap Takeover at Beer Revolution (ENDED)

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Teaming Up With Beer Revolution For A Good Cause

Have you ever been to Beer Revolution downtown? They’re located at 11th avenue and 8th ST SW, across from the Safeway and right next door to Brewsters. They’re a kid friendly bar that has a million kinds of beer on tap, and lots of good food to eat. Their pizzas are especially decent, but they also have burgers, pasta, soup & salad and lots of appetizers. Things that pair well with beer, y’know? If for some reason you aren’t getting pizza, wings are always a good choice, or nachos!

Crackmacs Pizza Beer Revolution

Well sir, Beer Revolution reached out to us and asked if we wanted to hook up and make a pizza together with a portion of proceeds going to the charity of our choice. Of course we said yes! Of course we went with the Calgary Food Bank.

They let us design a pizza and pick out a dozen beers to have on their taps to go with it! Mrs Crackmacs worked with the Beer Revolution chef to come up with what you see below, using some of her favourite toppings.

  • $3 from every Crackmacs pizza sold will be donated to the Calgary Food Bank!
  • Starts 5 pm March 8th 2019 and the pizza will be featured until March 31st 2019.
  • The beer on tap will be available until they run out.

Beer Revolution

The Crackmacs Pizza

Crumbled Italian sausage, salami, caramelized fennel & lemons, smoked Gouda, white cheddar, provolone, mozza, arugula and warm honey drizzle. Square pizza.  $21


Crackmacs Pizza Beer Revolution

Crackmacs Pizza Beer Revolution

Crackmacs Pizza Beer Revolution

Crackmacs Tap Takeover Beer List

Here’s the list of mostly-local beers I came up with to pair with the Crackmacs pizza. Some light, some dark, and one that tastes like you’re drinking Reese’s peanut butter cups. You also should visit each and every one of these breweries, if you can. That’s where the magic happens, and they often have experimental brews on tap for people to try. Brewery tours make good gifts for people, just saying.

  • Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout 5.3%

    • America’s Favorite Peanut Butter Milk Stout: this silky-smooth beer put us on the map. Troy came up with the idea of combining Peanut Butter with our Beaver’s Milk Stout and he nailed it. Don’t let the dark color fool you, this beer is delightfully easy to drink with cascading aromas of roasted peanuts, dark chocolate and coffee. We appreciate your continued support for helping make this style our #1 seller. 
  • Theoretically Brewing Study Buddy Hefeweizen 5.8%

    • Study Buddy is a Belgian style wheat beer featuring notes of banana, clove, and coriander with bright refreshing flavour. Bubbly and featuring a great cloudy head, this brew is easily mixed with citrus or other fruit juices for a whole new taste experience. Brewer’s recommendation: muddle strawberries in the bottom of your glass and enjoy.
  • Dandy Brewing Company Dandy In The Underworld Oyster Stout 5%

    • The main Dandy. This beer is our most popular offering and available everywhere, all the time. A light body with notes of coffee, chocolate, and light roast, this traditional Oyster Stout is sure to be a favourite. Pairs well with oysters, fish, and other salty snacks!
  • Village Brewery Blonde 4.5%

    • Meet this natural Blonde, whose golden glow comes from the finest two-row Alberta barley. An ale with a crisp, dry palate that balances a slight fruity sweetness and subtle bitterness. Handcrafted, unpasteurized, free of preservatives and additives, this local beauty conforms to the 1516 Bavarian Law of Purity. So few Blondes do.
  • Outcast Brewing Make That A Double! IPA 7.8%

    • Double dry hopped with citra and mosaic hops and kettle hopped with Columbus hops, this beer muddies the line between pale ale and IPA. Fruity, citrusy and hides its strength well. Silver medal winner – Pale Ale – 2019 Alberta Beer Awards
  • Brewsters Hawaiian Coconut Porter 5%

    • Like a trip to the Islands! We take a classic British porter and infuse it with fresh coconut.
  • Cold Garden Beverage Company Cake Face Lager 5.1%

    • A Marzen style lager brewed with real vanilla beans. This beer has a pronounced malty sweet base teeter tottering with a touch of floral, noble hops. The malty base goes on to perform a clown ballet with the vanilla beans resulting in a flavor reminiscent of a birthday cake. An extended lagering process makes this a light drinking session and/or dessert beer. DISCLAIMER: No clowns were harmed in the brewing of Cakeface.
  • Ol’ Beautiful Brewing Co. The Last Resort Negroni Ale 5%

    • Our latest collaboration with our friends and neighbors Cold Garden. The Last Resort is a delightful ale inspired by the classic cocktail, The Negroni. A delicate botanic and spice tincture of juniper, cardamon, coriander, licorice, angelic root and orange peel give this beer the true essence of the negroni and a color that is to die for.
  • Born Colorado Brewing Dingle Berry Brown Ale 6.3%

    • Nutty, medium body, mild sweetness, with a little sour raspberry pop for the finish. Our owner/brewer’s sister and brother in law, Mrs. Brown and Mr. Dingle, helped create this wonderful concoction…and we just added in the berry for good measure.
  • Last Best Brewing Company Last Best IPA 6.5%

    • Showcasing the tropical and citrus aromas of Mosaic hops, this un-filtered IPA delivers a lot of personality, character and flavour. Taking a path less traveled, this newcomer to the IPA arena likes to court your tastes buds with it’s flirty aromatics and its raw, unfiltered approach to big balanced American style IPA’s.
  • Cabin Brewing Super Saturation NE Pale Ale 6%

    • We have jammed all the flavours and aromas we possibly could – and then some – into our New England Pale Ale. Red Shed raw wheat and oats provide a soft, pillowy body and silky mouthfeel. With a maelstrom of tropical hop flavours and aromas from out-of-this-world dosing of new world hops, this hazy beer will fill your heart and saturate your senses.
  • Wild Rose Brewery Wraspberry Ale 4.5%

    • A truly twisted easy-drinking beer. Raspberries are the beauty and the beast of fruit – tough and thorny, delicate and tasty. Wraspberry Ale continues a centuries-long tradition by using real, fresh raspberries to give a tart edge to this smooth, refreshing ale.
  • Revival Brewcade Altered Beast DIPA 7.7%

    • Named after the 1988 Sega classic, we’ve built a serious beat em up beer, introducing the Altered Beast DIPA. A throwback to the Classic American Double IPA, Big, Dry and Hoppy. Hopped with Citra, Amarillo, and Simcoe.
Crackmacs Pizza Altered Beast
I liked the name for this beer so much I made this just for fun.

In Conclusion

We donate to the Calgary Food Bank as often as we can, so when this opportunity came up, we jumped on it. The Calgary Food Bank can turn $1 of money into $5 worth of food, and they’re 100% funded by donations. They don’t get any government funding. Help if you can, it’s so important.

We’ve needed to use the food bank in the past, a few times. Life throws curve balls and sometimes you need a little help. No shame in that. Get back on your feet and pay it forward.

Ps. The apple pizza from beer rev is really really good.

Crackmacs Pizza Beer Revolution Apple Pizza



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