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What Is ATB BoostR?

Launched in 2015, ATB BoostR is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Alberta. ATB BoostR can be used to raise funds through donations, sell your products, experiences and other services, or even arrange pre-orders for future campaigns. Think of Kickstarter, Paypal and Patreon all rolled into one, but made locally, for locals. Charities and non-profits can also use ATB BoostR to create fundraising campaigns to connect with their communities. Whatever your business, having additional revenue streams never hurts. Plus, even though it’s never fun to ask for money, LOTS of Albertans are looking for new ways to support small businesses they love and want to see stay put.

Traditionally ATB BoostR has been used to help new businesses and startups get off the ground, or to test the waters with new product prototypes, however with the financial uncertainty many business owners in Alberta are facing due to COVID-19, ATB has pivoted to open up the BoostR platform to businesses in Alberta, for free, until July 1st 2020. Even if you don’t have a product you can sell online, you can create a donation campaign that will give your customers a way to support you throughout these challenging times. You don’t have to bank with ATB either!

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Full disclosure: this is a sponsored post. We’re helping ATB get the word out.

Win $500 Towards Your Campaign!

On May 13th 2020, Mike Morrison of will be randomly picking 4x active BoostR campaigns to each get $500 deposited into their account. You’ll get to keep 100% of that $500 too. You have nothing to lose. You must have an active campaign by May 10th 2020 to qualify.

Become A Booster, Support A Campaign

Have a look through the current active ATB BoostR campaigns and see if something jumps out to you, maybe you’ll find a new idea to support that you had no idea existed.

ATB BoostR Changes During COVID-19

NO fees to use ATB BoostR from May 1st – July 1st 2020*. You keep 100% of all money raised! *Credit card processing fees up to $9,000 and 2.9% Stripe payment processing fees to $21,750 waived

  • You do not need to bank with ATB to use the BoostR platform
  • You can withdraw raised funds each week
  • Set up time is under 2 hours and pending campaign approval (strategists do a quick review to make sure all the details are correct), your campaign can be made live within 24 hours!
  • Once live, you can begin immediately promoting your campaign to family, friends, followers or customers

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If you know a local business that needs support, recommend they look into setting up an ATB BoostR campaign. Until July 1st, there are no fees whatsoever. If $10,000 is raised, then $10,000 is kept.

We are all in this together ❤️ Albertans help Albertans.


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