Now Open: An Urban Format Real Canadian Superstore In East Village

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Now Open: An Urban Format Real Canadian Superstore In East Village

There’s a new place to get groceries downtown! On May 15th 2020 Loblaws opened up an ‘urban format’ Real Canadian Superstore in the East Village, finally giving residents of the area somewhere to get necessities and groceries. This also means downtown Calgary residents can now get Presidents Choice and No Name brand products without having to leave the downtown core, saving on gas, transit or other transportation. The new downtown Superstore is located on the second floor of the building, with entrances on the west/south sides. Escalators and stairs are on the SW corner, which is 1 block away from the c-train line and city hall stations. Parking is available.

The ‘urban format’ means this Superstore is a scaled down version of what you’re used to, and this store is also first for Canada. Think of it like Superstore Lite. For example, there’s no clothing section in this store, and instead of having a choice of 3-4 brands of products on the shelves, you may only see 1-3, kind of thing. Slimmed down but still packed full of quality. They’ve done a really good job of planning out and putting this store together. Even the shopping carts are slimmed down (and they still cost a loonie).

Currently only Superstore is open in the building. The main floors of the building will eventually have Scotiabank, Olympia Liquor, TD Canada Trust and Winners as well.

Store Details

Grocery pickup: drive into the parking area. Park closest to the east lobby elevator. Look for the parking lot attendants at the pickup area. Call us at 8255139508 and we will bring your groceries to you. Online payments only, paying when you pick up is not available.

Services available

  • Extended Services
  • Lottery
  • Meals to Go
  • Passport Photos
  • Prepaid/Long Distance Calling Cards
  • PC Express
  • The Mobile Shop
  • Pharmacy (not open yet! will be soon)

How To Get There

If you’re driving, underground parking is available and is accessible from 6th Ave SE.

To get there on the train, get off at City Hall station (either direction) and walk north one block, on 3rd ST SE.

How To get to east village real Canadian superstore on foot and public transit



If you need to use an elevator to access the 2nd floor Superstore, it’s accessible at this corner, 4th ST and 3rd Ave SE.

Real Canadian Superstore East Village in Calgary - A view from outside, the south corner, where the elevators are

Real Canadian Superstore East Village in Calgary one block from the c-train city hall stations

Real Canadian Superstore East Village in Calgary Bakery Donuts cakes bread products

When we visited on opening day, everything was well stocked, labeled and easy to find.

Real Canadian Superstore East Village in Calgary meat and 10 for $10 bundles

Superstore’s usual 10 for $10 deals are throughout the store! Due to how close this store is to Eau Claire and Prince’s Island Park, during the summer months cheap drinks will be a lifesaver.

Real Canadian Superstore East Village in Calgary cashiers wide aisles lots of natural lighting

There’s lots of room to move around (and away from other people). There’s lots of staffed checkouts and self-checkout available if you prefer to use that. The building’s south side is adorned with massive windows and typical Superstore high ceilings, so there is lots of natural light throughout. It was also remarkably clean inside the building. Hope it stays like that.

Real Canadian Superstore East Village in Calgary vegetables veggies produce

As soon as you enter the store, if you’re entering from the escalators/stairs, you’ll be in the produce section. There’s lots to choose from, with all of the staples and things you would expect to find.

Real Canadian Superstore East Village in Calgary Deli counter meats and produce

Real Canadian Superstore East Village in Calgary has real cane sugar coke

The East Village Superstore even has Mexican Coke! If you haven’t tried it, it’s normal Coca-Cola, but made with cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. It tastes quite different than what we’re used to here in Canada. A lot of people grew up drinking the version made with cane sugar and highly prefer the taste, which is why it’s on the shelf, people love it. You gotta try it at least once!


Really happy this store opened. It’ll save us time and money. President’s Choice and No Name products are high quality and worth the price (I find). No more having to spend money on bus fare to do a big Superstore grocery run! We didn’t see any sales or discounts, just normal Superstore prices, but they’re so cheap, it’s not really a problem.

What’re your thoughts? Drop in a comment below.



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  1. Great read, I was the construction project manager for that store, we started November 12 2019, finished May 1st 2020, they opened May 12th. 0 incidents / accidents.


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