Get a free Canadian flag From Parliament!

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Free Canadian Flag, eventually!

Every day in Ottawa on Parliament hill, someone that has the title of ‘flag master’ raises brand new Canadian flags atop the flagpoles, and takes down the ones from the previous day. These flags are then mailed to Canadians free of charge. You can go sign yourself up right now! But. There’s always a but.

You’ll probably die before you ever receive it.

If you have young kids, sign them up right away! They might actually live long enough to get one.

Sign up here.


The current wait list for a Peace Tower flag (below) is: 84 years. 

I would be well over 100 before getting my flag. It would be such an honour to own a Canadian flag that sat for a day atop the Peace Tower, but that’s never going to happen. I just signed our kid up for it though. She’ll need to live well into her 90s to get it though. Here’s hoping.

There’s a separate waitlist for Canadian flags used in other areas of Parliament, if the 84 year waitlist is too much for you. You’ll only need to wait 72 years for one of these babies. Better sign up right now.

Sure wish I knew about this program a few years ago when the waitlist was a little more realistic. They’ve been doing this for a very long time, but with the introduction of the internet.. so many people can so quickly sign up.

If you’d prefer to just buy one,

Hapros Canada Flag 3 x 5 Foot

Price: $7.99

2 used & new available from $7.99


This is actually a pretty cool job to have.

Get a free flag without waiting

If you would rather not wait, you can still get a free flag, though it won’t be one used on Parliament. You can actually just contact your local MP and ask for a Canadian flag to be sent to you, and they’ll do it. That’s it!

Find your member of Parliament here (use postal code):

You can send them a postage-free letter asking for one, here:

Name of Member of Parliament
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

If you’d prefer, you can also e-mail them and ask for one. Their e-mail addresses are located on the above link.


Canadians are too patriotic so you’re better off just buying one instead of waiting until after you die to get a parliament flag.

Best of luck!



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  1. You do realize that MP offices receive a very limited amount of flags per year and you are setting up their assistants for abuse when there are none left?


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