Using junk mail coupons to donate cat food to charity

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25 Bags of Free Cat Food Donated to ARF Alberta

Back in March of 2019, I received a coupon in the mail, from Iams, offering up a 1.59kg bag of their dry cat food for free. No catch, nothing to buy, they even included the GST, 100% free cat food. This is nothing out of the ordinary, people get freebie coupons in the mail all the time. You may have received the free cat food coupon yourself. I sure don’t mind getting free stuff coupons in the mail, and it gave me an idea.

I then used these coupons to donate over $300 in free cat food to ARF Alberta. ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) is where we adopted a rescue cat from, and they (like many local rescues) were in need of cat food, so we went with them. Not a super easy choice as there are are many local animal rescues that can use donations of cat food, dog food, or other supplies all the time. Check their websites for info. Links at the bottom of this post.

  • 25 bags of Iams 1.59kg cat food at retail price comes to $314.75 ($12.59 each bag)

Well, just how in the hell did I do that? Stay a while and listen. Read on.

Free cat food iams

The Free Cat Food Iams Coupons

This is what the free cat food coupons looked like, front and back. Every unit in our building got one.

Free cat food iams

Free cat food iams

Apartment Buildings and Coupons

Print advertising ain’t what it used to be and a lot of people just don’t like junk mail, no matter what it is, including free stuff. This leads to people simply throwing the coupons away. Combine that with living in a huge apartment building with thousands of people in it (the East and West buildings have their own mailrooms), that’s a lot of coupons. That’s a lot of free cat food. More cat food than we can use.

I collected as many free cat food coupons I could and began using them any chance I could. Walking by Safeway? Grab a bag. Going to Walmart with the kid? That’s 2 bags. You get the idea.

The coupons expired May 1st, so we knew when end game was. One by one the free cat food was collected as best we could. Once it did, we picked a charity and sent them a DM. Later that day the cat food was in the back of an SUV and on it’s way to hungry kitties.

In Conclusion

You can use do this too if you live in an apartment building! Anytime free stuff coupons come a knocking, collect them, use them, give to friends, or donate to charity.

Here’s some cool animal rescues you may want to consider donating to

If you can’t donate dollarydoos, maybe volunteer? They can always use a paw.


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