What to do when you lose your pet in Calgary

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Lost pets in Calgary

Ever lost a cat or dog? it’s incredibly heart wrenching. Even though they’re just cats or dogs, they are a part of the family and when go missing, you’ll do whatever you can to find them. Traditionally you would call around to the vet clinics, maybe put posters up in your neighborhood, call the pound. With the invent of social media comes an excellent resource for emergency lost and found support, especially on twitter, that not a lot of people know about yet.

What Can You Do?

Creating a missing poster and sharing it to twitter with the hashtags #YYC and #YYCLOSTPET can potentially be seen by thousands of local people within a very short amount of time.

There are a lot of people out there with large followings that will share your missing loved ones info if you tag them, @Nenshi for example (or @Crackmacs!). In fact Naheed Nenshi retweets missing pets so often that his opponents try and ridicule him for it. What a great way to smear your opponent, make fun of them trying to help with lost pets in Calgary.

Once you share online, people that have seen it will actively be on the look out if it’s in their area. If someone posted that their Golden Retriever was missing in the west end of downtown, you bet I would keep an eye out for it (since that’s where I live), and anyone else who had seen the picture/info.

On the other hand, finding a lost pet, social media is just as helpful. People often will share animals they’ve found, and details like if they’ve been dropped off at a vet clinic or something.

Make A Lost Pet Poster

Here is an example lost dog poster I made in about 30 seconds, in MSpaint. It shows what the dog looks like, says what area they’re missing from, last seen, some behavioral traits and contact info.

If you ever have to make one of these, make sure to include all relevant details. Doing something like putting the wrong phone number in your contact info could mean the difference between reuniting or not. Double check everything!

Lost Pets in Calgary
This is a fake poster, found the dog on Google. Just an example!

This fake poster, if it were real, could then be shared out to twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Sharing a graphic that includes all of the information is something that is EASILY sharable with other people, which is what you want. People don’t want to just copy/paste.

Lost Pets in Calgary, on Facebook

In addition to sharing on twitter, make sure to visit YYCPetRecovery on Facebook. They are probably the best place to go for lost pets in Calgary. They are @PetRecoveryYYC on twitter.

Also make sure to:

There are other sites out there like Pinterest and as well but nothing compares to twitter and Facebook at the moment. Thank you to anybody who actively supports/retweets/shares missing or found pets on social media <3





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