Retro Calgary, old timey and lovely.

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Retro Calgary Videos

I like seeing old timey pictures and video, especially of old retro Calgary. History is pretty great and we can learn a lot of things from it. Also there is some hardcore nostalgia to be had. With retro Calgary, there are a few bits and pieces scattered around YouTube, thought it would be neat to look through and share a bunch of random videos.

in no particular order…

The ‘Hello Calgary’ jingle;

which was only one of many versions of this song. Check out this article by Jason Markusoff, who has uncovered the horrible truth Рkind of makes me sick.

Calgary In The 1970s

Some random footage of Calgary from 1972! Retro Calgary was gorgeous.

The Calgary Heritage Park Streetcar

The Calgary Heritage Park Streetcar (all of this info is from Massey Jones channel Youtube channel)


Read way in depth about the streetcar legacy in Calgary!

The video starts with a few facts, and then we follow the streetcar from the main gate to the far station in the parking lot, a distance of about 1km and back, including a few sequences inside and outside the streetcar but with main emphasis on track, components and operation.
Finally, we view the streetcar being taken through the security gate to the car barn for the night.

I requested permission to insert a photo of this type of streetcar in operation on Calgary streets.
Image courtesy of Peel’s Prairie Provinces, a digital initiative of the University of Alberta Libraries.
The view (PC005441) from their extensive postcard collection, shows streetcars, pedestrians and period cars at 8th Avenue and 1st Street SW looking east in 1927.

This portion of 8th Ave is now a busy pedestrian mall.

Around 1946 with the advent of diesel and trolley buses, streetcars were phased out from Calgary streets.
The last streetcar, No.14, made its farewell run from Ogden to City Hall On December 29th 1950.
It was donated to Heritage Park, who rebuilt it as their No. 14 and created a replica, which they numbered 15.

Starting in 1975, one or both streetcars ferried passengers from a parking lot at Heritage Drive and 14th St SW to the main gate, a short distance away.
During 2009 and 2010, the parking lot was greatly expanded and the streetcar track then extended into a wide “J” shape, with 3 stations, named ANDREW, ENCANA and DOMINION, after major donors.
Always lettered “Calgary Municipal”, there was no formal name attached to the operation, until its relaunch in 2010 as the ENMAX Electric Streetcar System in recognition of the rebuilding sponsor.

While parking is free, those arriving by car and charter bus must walk a short distance to the main gate. A much better alternative for a loonie (the Canadian $1 coin), is to ride the long way around, in an old-fashioned clattering streetcar with rattan seats and a large cowcatcher in front.

Calgary Transit Route 502 connects users directly from HERITAGE LRT Station to the park’s main gate, subject to regular fare or transfer. The CT website gives more details. For those who prefer pedaling, a major bike path runs in front of the Park’s “Heritage Town Square”, mere steps from the main gate.

A decent visit to Heritage Park is anywhere from 3 hours to a full day. Snack bar or sit down restaurant food is available, as well as ice cream and (on-site) baked goods. Old time car buffs will be very well served by Gasoline Alley, a superb collection of restored turn-of-century cars and trucks.
Other amenities include a half-hour paddlewheeler cruise on the Glenmore Reservoir, rides in a horse-drawn wagon as well as 1910s amusement park suitable for adults and kids, featuring “The Caterpillar” with its original canopy; one of only 3 of these known to be still be operating in North America.

Heritage Park is situated on 127 acres of land at 1900 Heritage Drive SW, just 20 minutes from downtown Calgary. It opened its gates to the public on July 1, 1964 and is Canada’s largest living history museum, featuring a village recreated to appear as it might have been, in early-20 Century Alberta. Most of the buildings are historical and were transported to the park at the end of their life.
Please note that no pets are allowed within the park itself.

Access, for more details, including many special events outside the regular daily programs and be sure to view their excellent pdf map.

Calgary, The Living West

According to the Calgary Stampede blog;

Calgary, The Living West, is a 1962 film from the Calgary Convention and Visitors Bureau. The film takes viewers on a nostalgic tour featuring a number of tourist attractions and locales in and around Calgary, Banff National Park, and the Drumheller area.

It’s almost half an hour long and is chock full of old timey language and voices. It’s from over 50 years ago and surely most of the adults in this video are now dead.

Calgary Sometime Early 1970s

Drag racing in retro Calgary.

Calgary In 1978

725 iron workers of Calgary video (nice footage of downtown, and excellent 1970s safety……………………..)


University of Alberta, 1950s

Ground breaking ceremony and press conference.


1950s Calgary

Calgary Stampede commercial or documentary;

The Girl From Calgary

The first few minutes of this 1932 film contain footage of the Calgary Stampede parade! pretty neat. I don’t like black and white movies so I haven’t watched this in it’s entirety, but it probably contains more local footage.

A French-Canadian girl is a champion bronc rider and is also a nightclub singer. An ambitious young man sees her act one night and is struck by her talent, realizing that she is good enough to become a Broadway star. He convinces her to accompany him to New York, where she indeed does become a Broadway star. However, the young man finds himself being squeezed out by greedy Broadway producers who see the talented young girl as their own personal gold mine.

Old Home Movies 1969 Calgary

Someones old home movie, includes vintage 1969 Calgary footage. Quality isn’t that great and it includes non-Calgary stuff, so watch at your own risk.

Meet your Calgary Stampeders! circa 1968.

And whatever stadium they played in, is it MacMahon? Not sure.

Warning, these are weird and long and who knows.

Made in 1967, this recording of eyewitness accounts of UFOs also has actual sounds made by the Unidentified Flying Objects themselves.

Spooky. From Calgary! Parts 1 and 2.

Devonian Gardens

Devonian was first thought up in 1973, and what is depicted in these two videos no longer exists, so I’ve decided to include them in this old timey list, even though they’re relatively newtimey.

1973 Calgary Rollerland Commercial

Calgary 1976 – 1981

“If I know now what I knew then” just random old timey footage. Some of the best!

Buckshot Videos

And old timey 80s Buckshot Christmas Special needs to be mentioned.


Very retro Calgary.

I’ll keep adding videos to this page as I find them. Retro Calgary is the best.



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