Oomomo Calgary – A Discount Japanese Variety Store

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Oomomo Sells Japanese Household Essentials

Everything in Oomomo is imported from Japan, from hair curlers to curtain rods to arts and crafts to candy to kitchenware, and it’s all pretty affordable. I’d call it a dollar store but most things at Oomomo cost a little more than a dollar ranging from $2-$3 each (and if you don’t see a price tag on it, it’s $3) however they do have some items priced towards $10. Almost all of their items are imported from the popular Japanese brands Daiso and Seria. High quality, cheap prices, and usually without any English on the label. All purchases are final, no refunds or exchanges.

Oommo Calgary is located inside Pacific Place Mall, where the Dollar Tree used to be, right next door to Jollibee Calgary. You can easily get there on public transit by taking the blue line train to Marlborough station and walking over.

Fun fact: “Oomomo” translates to “big peach” in English.

Photos Of The Store

One could spend an entire day going through all of the things for sale to take photos, but here’s a selection from my visit just after they opened at the end of November 2019.

Oomomo Calgary Pacific Place Mall

Oomomo has a massive space with lots of light and lots of room. Everything is well sorted as you would expect as well. Housewares, kitchen, bathroom, stationary, electronics, toys, gardening, candy, snacks all have their own sections.

Oomomo Calgary shelves with lots of Japanese things for sale

Oomomo Calgary teapots

Oomomo Calgary Cat donut pouches

Cat items at Oomomo, and I guess in Japan, are hugely popular.

Oomomo Calgary serving dishes and plates and saucers

Oomomo Calgary noodle dishes bowls

The dishes are smaller than you would find in North American stores, and some come with fancy decorations, words, or cats on them, or fancy cats. Or cat words. You get the idea.

Oomomo Calgary cat paw dishes and plates  Oomomo Calgary sticky post it notes

Oomomo Calgary mini ceramic pots and mugs

Oomomo Calgary chopsticks

The amount of chopsticks was unreal. I don’t really know how to use them, certainly don’t know the differences between them.

Oomomo Calgary bathroom beauty supplies

Oomomo Calgary mini figurines

Oomomo Calgary stationary erasers

Within the stationary section they have tons of stamps, pens, pencils, and erasers. I don’t know what the appeal of erasers is, but they come in all shapes, sizes, smells, you name it, they have it.

Oomomo Calgary Pikachu Pokemon candy

Oomomo Calgary juices candies

The candy and snacks section isn’t as big as I was expecting, but it still had a pretty large variety of items, 99% I’d never heard of.

Oomomo Calgary Japanese cat pillows

Oomomo Calgary cat with bow tie containers

Oomomo Calgary Japanese cookware dishes and plates

Oomomo Calgary note book

As you might expect, a few things here and there were lost in translation. Very cool!

Oomomo Calgary Assam second flush strong for milk tea

I have no idea what second flush strong means but it sounds like something I need.

Oomomo Calgary Japanese cat life everyday bowl



Oomomo is the kind of variety store you’ll need to visit a few times to really take it all in. You’ll most likely end up leaving with a few things you didn’t even know you needed.

Hope you like cats.


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