Timelapse in Calgary: A Collection of my Videos

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Timelapse in Calgary

Shooting video is really fun! Capturing the world in a unique and wonderful way, saving moments that would otherwise be forgotten. You can even make typically boring content seem interesting and exciting, using timelapse. Shooting timelapse in Calgary great and more people should do it.

That said here are some of the timelapse in Calgary videos I’ve done. Most of them are from our balcony as we have a pretty food line of sight to the street, and you need a solid/safe surface to do them.

Blackout in Calgary Repairs

After the blackout in Calgary the city of Calgary needed to do some repairs on the manhole that blew up. They were directly under our balcony and spent a couple nights fixing things up.

The Moon

The first and only timelapse in Calgary I’ve done of the moon. Turned out pretty good I think? You can actually see the moon, so mission accomplished.

The 2015 Stampede Parade

The Calgary Stampede parade makes its way down 6th avenue every year. We live on the route, so I decided to record it. Turned out pretty good!

6th Avenue Traffic

6th avenue traffic. Normally something boring or frustrating, looks pretty neat in a timelapse. The traffic can get pretty bad downtime, especially during rush hour. This means that emergency vehicles often have troubles getting to where they need to go, if they have to travel through downtown.

New Camera Test

6th avenue and 8th street SW. The K-liquor corner. This is a direct shot from our balcony. Actually K-liquor is now called Solly’s Spirits, but it’s owned by the same person. Anyway, I wanted to test out a new camera and what better way than with a timelapse? Nothing that exciting happens in this video, but it’s a timelapse and Calgary.

A Plant

Tried to glow a plant once. It died. Here’s 30 seconds of it’s existence.

6th Avenue Construction

Another 6th avenue timelapse. This one is long.. it’s 12 minutes. 12 minutes of city workers ripping up and replacing the sidewalk and street. This isn’t actually the first nor the last time I’ve seen them do it here. Maybe the pipes are messed up?

Sundial Apartments

Back in June of 2015 some workers showed up across the street to rip down the walls of the Sundial Apartment parking structure, above Solly’s Spirits. Fun fact: this building is owned by the Drop In Centre and they use it to transition people from living on the streets, to back on their feet in their own home.

The Sandman Hotel

A taxi stand across the street, the Sandman Hotel sees a ton of traffic and lots of taxi squabbles. Nothing that interesting happens in this video, no fights or anything, but it’s kind of neat.

7th Avenue and 8th Street SW

One of the more notorious corners in downtown Calgary, this is a timelapse from 2am – 11:45am on a Friday night. It can get pretty crazy down here.


Hopefully you shoot timelapse video too! They’re fun.


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