Calgary Businesses Making The World A Better Place

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Calgary Businesses Step Up To Help Calgarians

Calgary seems to be going through some kind of crisis phase. The flooding, hail damage, wind damage, Ezra Levant, Snowtember, and now a massive underground electrical fire. Because of this ongoing disaster saga, some amazing local Calgary businesses have been stepping up in record numbers to help out displaced and distraught Calgarians. That’s really cool to see.

Since we aren’t a business and can’t exactly help anyone with food and supplies or shelter, we wanted to toss together a list of those that are trying to make the world a better place.

Emergencies in Calgary have shown one thing time and time again, the community spirit and appreciation for  fellow human beings is strong. When the times are tough, Calgarians are there for you

List of Calgary Businesses

Most Noteworthy! Here are some of the local businesses that are doing what they can to help people. In addition to their websites, we’ve included their Twitter accounts.

Koodo mobile really stepped up and took care of the data usage/charges on our mobile accounts. A huge thank you to them, this whole crisis has been very trying and this helps so much. @Koodo

Obviously there are many more offers of help, this is just 2 days worth of the hashtag #yycthanks on Twitter, which contained hundreds of individuals who offered accommodations, food, storage, pet sitting, and vehicles for transporting. Also a shoutout to Ducktoes for computer repairs, if you need them.

In conclusion of this kind of awesomeness, we are so very proud to call this city our home, and all the amazing citizens contained within.

People Not Helpful Whatsoever, Who, In Fact, Made The Situation Worse:



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