Winsport Canada: Checking out their Summer Camp 2017

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Winsport: The Adventurer Returns!

For the second year in a row we’re venturing into the world of summer day camps for Mini. We’re trying to fill her summer with activity and the great outdoors – and there are no shortage of awesome local summer camps. She’s a little more adventurous this year so she wanted to head back to Winsport Canada and try more of what they have to offer.

Winsport Canada 2017 Girls Summer Camp


We chose the 8/9 age group for Mini in the new All Girl Summer Camp, which was formerly the Sport and Adventure Camp. From the Winsport website:

WinSport has developed a number of camps designed to address the fact that by age 14, girls are dropping out of sports at six times the rate of boys. We believe that we can create an environment where girls can pursue their athletic objectives, develop confidence, and feel empowered to succeed at sport and life. Our Girls Only Summer Camp incorporates the best activities WinSport has to offer. Activities may include biking, Skyline Luge, archery, lacrosse, ski jumping, and roller/ice luge. Campers will also experience a half day off-site visit to the Breathe Parkour Facility.


We opted for the meal program so we didn’t have to prepare a lunch, it was served on site by the awesome chefs at Winsport (we provided morning and afternoon snacks). We also chose to rent her bike and equipment for the one day she needed it, as we didn’t want to deal with one on the bus. It was very affordable and we will definitely do that every year. Sure beats dragging a bike back and forth on the bus.

How Was It?

Spoiler: she loved every minute of it.

Girls Summer Camp at Winsport Canada
Photo courtesy Winsport Canada

Mini came home every day full of tales of the “Real Mario Kart Racing” that she did (roller luge) and how she went down the ice luge. She really enjoyed the games, the archery, and the mini golf. She had never tried a mountain bike so she was frustrated about that part. Apparently it’s a big deal to go from back braking to handlebar braking. I’m so old now it seems like that learning curve was a lifetime ago! She made a bunch of new friends as well.



The instructors were all very nice and the groups were fairly small, less than 6 kids per counselor team and VATS of sunscreen was available for the kids to be slathered in. They were also given Winsport water bottles again, which thrilled Mini, again. Oh to be 8! Mini really loved her camp instructors and had an incredible experience because of them! She’s already asking when she can return. Hear from the instructors themselves in this video

There is FREE before and after camp care which is just freaking AWESOME for those of us who still have to work every day. The kids are provided with activities and sporting equipment to play with. The volunteers were really nice and attentive, and really made it a great experience.

Getting to Winsport by Bus

There are two buses that run right to the camp drop off at Winsport so you don’t even have to worry about driving if you don’t want to! Routes 408/305. Also there is free parking if you do drive.

Girls Summer Camp at Winsport Canada
Photo courtesy Winsport Canada

Winsport camps run all summer long so get the kids ready for some adventuring fun!!

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