Fishing Spray Lakes, in Southern Alberta.

Fishing Spray Lakes.

A while back, I went with a friend (Louis) early Sunday morning fishing Spray Lakes, near Canmore, AB. Brought the camera, took a few photos. Randomly took this one. It ended up being printed out and framed! Looks awesome.

Fishing Spray Lakes is beautiful any time of the year. Driving through during the dead of winter is very peaceful and refreshing. Try it sometime, the entire Spray Valley is gorgeous (and accessible to those of us in Calgary)

Fishing Spray Lakes

The original photo.

Fishing Spray Lakes

Printed and framed.

Never did catch anything. Been fishing here a handful of times, have yet to catch anything from it at all 🙁 someday~

Well, Louis caught a nice pair of Calvin Kleins

Fishing Spray Lakes

Calvin Kleins, fairly worn and enjoyed.

Here’s a panorama of this same spot, in the winter.

Fishing Spray Lakes

Cold and peaceful. Click on it for higher resolution!

Spray Lakes is actually a pretty nice place to spend a weekend camping too. At only $26/night, it’s quite busy in the summertime (people camp there without even fishing!! – crazy). More info on the Alberta parks website. The area is frequented by bears, but you should be okay! Also, there are lots of nearby trails for mountain biking and hiking. 

Ice Fishing Spray Lakes

A photo of the time I went ice fishing on Spray, from the early morning of October 5th 2014. I took the picture, so that’s not me, that’s Dustin! He was setting up the holes for the day. It was like -30’C and we did not have a shelter.. and it was very windy.. so it was not exactly warm and cozy, but whatever. Love fishing.

We did not catch anything. No bites, no nibbles. We had traps in addition to our lines. Maybe not a good spot? Dunno. I’d love to go back and defeat this damn lake.

Fishing Spray Lakes

A gas powered auger is a must!


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