Calgary Bike Polo On Wednesdays

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Calgary Bike Polo: Weekly In Inglewood!

What is bike polo? It’s two teams of people playing polo b

ut it’s done on bikes and not horses. Bike polo is fast paced and there’s a very real chance you’ll take a mallet to the face. It can be played on grass but here in Calgary it’s done on pavement, by both men and women. It’s played in all types of weather too. Plus there’s beers after.

Calgary Bike Polo
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If you want to take part, attend! Everyone is welcome. They usually play at the Inglewood arena, with Ramsay as a back up. Watch their social media for details.

If you turn into a regular, buy an Inglewood Community Association membership!


Calgary Bike Polo Details


Calgary Bike Polo Videos


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How Does Bike Polo Work?

You bring your own beater bike, your own work gloves (or hockey gloves), your own helmet, and of course you bring your own mallet (though they might have extras!). People usually square off in two teams of 3 vs 3 and they simply try to smash the ball into their opponents net. Think hockey but on bikes and mallets instead of sticks.

You can’t put your feet on the ground, but other than that there aren’t many official rules. Bike Polo is usually played to 5 or 10 points.

Do People Get Hurt?

Very much yes. It’s bike polo.

It’s people on bikes with mallets trying to smash a ball around a court. You ever take a mallet to to the face? Bumps and scrapes and blood are part of the bike polo’ers life, so if you plan on taking part keep this in mind. It’s rough and tough but a very fun time.

Make Your Own Bike Polo Mallet

You can easily make your own bike polo mallet using a ski pole and PVC pipe. Check out this how-to video.


It looks like a blast to play and to watch. Head over next Wednesday and check out some Calgary Bike Polo!


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