Date Night: Loose Moose Theatre Company

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Catch Some Improv, Have A Beer!

Have you ever been to the Loose Moose? It’s improv theatre, like that TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway, but in front of you, done by real people, and it’s a blast. You’re not just watching either! The audience often takes part, throwing out names and suggestions, being part of a scene, or simply hitting performers with pool noodles if they mess up. Loose Moose is kind of in a weird location, on top of the Crossroads Market, but it’s absolutely worth the visit. The Loose Moose is also a Calgary theatre staple, which has churned out some cool characters and people in its time since opening way back in 1977 – more than any other theatre in Canada! Ever heard of FUBAR? The one and only Terry Cahill got his start at Loose Moose! Same with Andrew Phung, North Darling, and many many more.

It’s not only a fun date night but a great place for acting students to pick up some skills too, as they have various classes and programs. They also have programs for both adults and kids, and opportunities to volunteer.

Online tickets are sold up to 6 pm the day prior to a performance. Any remaining tickets will be available ‘at the door’. Tickets purchased are Will Call only; not mailed out. Tickets may be picked up between 45 minutes and 10 minutes prior to show time at our box office at the theatre.

What To Expect

Despite everything being improvised on the spot, they do have a few specific types of shows they perform on the regular. Click here to see the full list of their shows.

Maestro Impro

  • Performers are randomly chosen to improvise scenes that are awarded points by the audience. After each round the lower scoring performers are eliminated. The rounds continue until one performer, the “Maestro Improvisor” remains.

Super Scene

  • Four or five of our best performers each direct the first part of an improvised play. The audience then votes for their favorite, and the director/play with the least number of votes in eliminated. After each subsequent round there is another elimination until on improvised play is complete and one director is victorious.


  • Performers with puppets improvise comedy with other puppets and performers. As this is an improvised show we cannot be held responsible for what the puppets may say or do, so definitely not a children’s show

Love Story

  • Improvisers take turns directing their take on how a real couple from the audience fell in love. Whoever directs the scene closest to the couple’s real-life love story, wins!

Gorilla Theatre

  • Our best performers take turns directing each other in improvised scenes. The audience decides if the director did a good job or not by voting to award a “banana”, or a punishment by the dreaded “forfeit”. The director with the most bananas at the end of the show wins a week’s quality time with our resident gorilla.

Loose Moose Theatre Improv

You’ll never see the same show twice. Every visit is totally different, as is the nature of improv.

Loose Moose Theatre audience

Also, occasionally Loose Moose gets improv performers from around the world visiting and doing events/shows with the in-house peeps.

Loose Moose Theatre Company

There’s a concession with food/drinks that you’re able to bring into the theatre, including beer/wine!

  • Soft drinks
  • Water
  • Juice
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Twizzlers
  • Beer (Village Brewery)
  • Wine

Loose Moose Theatre Concession


This is one of my favourite parts.

If they’re playing a game against each other, the person who doesn’t win (the loser) has to perform a random punishment from a hat.

A Very Terry Christmas

Usually each year around Christmas, Loose Moose puts on a “Chrismoose Carol”, which they’ve done for over 20 years. For 2019 though, they’re doing something completely different A Very Terry Christmas is happening on December 20th/21st!

  • Terry (Fubar, Fubar II, Fubar Age of Computer) shares some of his classic Christmas traditions including gift GIVINR with the audience and rocking out with special guests.

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Loose Moose Theatre Terry Cahill


It’s fun, you should go if you haven’t. Careful though, once you a taste for local improv, you might get addicted.


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