The Masked Murals In The East Village

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Called “Bridge”, There’s People Behind The Masks

If there’s one things Calgarians love to talk and argue about, it’s public art. Bridge, by local artist Katie Green, will most certainly generate similar discussion, but hopefully not for the same reasons. One of the big concerns Calgarians have with public art is to whom the money is going to – Is it an artist from Calgary? or Someone from across the globe? Shouldn’t we be paying our local artists to make cool stuff for us? And of course there’s a lot of opinions on how the art itself looks, but, that’s what art is supposed to do.

This project began in April of 2019 and was unveil in August, and it was funded by the CMLC.

This is Katie ⬇️ – check out her IG @katiegreenart

The Story Behind “Bridge”

Bridge explores the notion of ‘self’, and reflects 13 participants from the East Village community including Calgary’s Drop-In and Rehabilitation Centre, Calgary Family Services, The Salvation Army, local residents, local seniors, the National Music Centre and the Central Library. This project aims to empower locals to share their stories (especially those who don’t feel seen in our community) and to experience the affirmation that comes from seeing themselves ‘larger than life’.”

In May, Katie hosted three workshops in which participants translated their personal stories by selecting from painted portraits created by Katie. The selected portraits were then developed into masks by the participants themselves, with Katie. To fully activate their masks, participants embodied them in front of the camera. Participants were invited to enliven their alter egos with breath, movement and speech. New portraits of the participants wearing the masks were shot in the East Village – reflecting the individual and how they wish to be seen.

East Village “Bridge” Art Photos

Location: East Village, downtown Calgary – you can take the c-train downtown to city hall and walk over, it’s close.

You can find the murals on the bridge support columns and on the public washrooms, along the river walk area in the East Village.

East Village Mask Mural Stairs
East Village Mask Mural orange cat
East Village Mask Mural sitting rainbow

Bridge Art Install Katie Green
Photo credit: Katie Green. Also, btw this is Katie Green!
Photo credit: Katie Green
Photo credit: Katie Green
East Village Mask Mural under bridges
East Village Mask Mural orange shirt pinwheel
East Village Mask Mural red hands

East Village Mask Mural Blue bunkbeds
East Village Mask Mural Balloons
East Village Mask Mural Washroom Pink Scarf

East Village Mask Mural Stairs hug
East Village Mask Mural upside down on bed
East Village Mask Mural looking at camera

East Village Mask Mural under bridges
East Village Mask Mural Blue in tree


I think they’re awesome, very well done Katie! Everyone should go see them in person.


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