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You like supporting charities right? They sure enjoy the support. Thank you for taking the time to donate hey, every little bit matters. Did you realize that you can donate to charities using Amazon? So many of them already have wish lists of items they actually need, right now, today, and Amazon will ship them right to their doorsteps. No having to go anywhere or drop anything off. No fuss, no muss. I don’t even know what muss is.

Of course, if you ever just want to straight up donate cash — every single organization listed here would love you forever, plus you’d get a valuable tax receipt.

Note: we use Amazon affiliate affiliate links on this page which gives us a commission of anything sold, but keeps costs the same. Win/win/win.

Calgary Charities With Amazon Wishlist’s



(Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society)

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  • Their wishlist contains a large assortment of food for both cats and dogs, and several items that would make their lives easier, like doggy gates and dog toys.
  • Visit their website to see other ways you can donate or volunteer.
  • Perhaps you can foster an animal for a few months while they arrange a forever home?



AARCS Amazon Wishlist




(Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation)

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(Animal Rescue Foundation of Alberta)

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  • ARF Amazon Wishlist

  • Their wishlist contains a large assortment of food for both cats and dogs, toys, medical supplies, cleaning supplies and many more pet items.
  • Can you foster a puppy perhaps? They can always use the help! Foster until they find a forever home.
  • Adopt a cat or dog!

ARF Animal Rescue Foundation Amazon Wishlist


ARTS Senior Animal Rescue

(Animal Rescue Transfer Society)

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ARTS senior Animal Rescue Amazon Wishlist




Bear Valley Rescue

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Bear Valley Rescue Amazon Wishlist


Calgary Humane Society

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  • Their wishlist contains a huge list of items that would make life easier, from heating pads to zipper bags to parrot toys to cat/dog food. Lots of things you can donate!
  • If you’re able to volunteer, they can always use help with a wide variety of tasks.
  • Adopt a cat or dog!


Calgary Humane Society Amazon Wishlist


CB Rescue

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  • Their wishlist contains lots of items for dogs, including toys, leashes, harnesses, medical supplies, wipes, beds, etc
  • If you’re able to volunteer, there’s several positions available. You can walk the dogs for free……
  • Adopt a doggo!

CB Rescue Amazon Wishlist



Fur-Ever Homes Rescue

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Fur-ever homes rescue amazon wishlist



Inn From The Cold

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  • Their wishlist contains a large assortment of toiletries, baby items, clothing, winter gear, meal and nutrition supplies, shelter and housing supplies etc.
  • Looking to donate cash? Do so here!
  • Several opportunities to volunteer – kitchen support, special event support, you can even help throw birthday parties for kids.
  • They also have a list of critical items on their website you can help with.



Inn From The Cold Amazon Wishlist



Leftovers Foundation

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Leftovers YYC Foundation Amazon Wishlist


MEOW Foundation

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  • Their wishlist contains a few specific brands of wet and dry cat food that kitties on specialized diets require.
  • Visit their website to see other ways you can donate or volunteer.
  • Did you know about the MEOW Foundation thrift store? All of the money raised goes towards helping homeless kitties!


MEOW Foundation Amazon Wishlist


Pawsitive Match

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Pawsitive Match Amazon Wishlist


If you know of a local charity that doesn’t yet have an Amazon wish list setup, contact them and suggest it! It’s a great way to donate. Please comment below if we’ve missed Calgary charities with Amazon wish lists.



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