Super Smash Cafe in Calgary

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Video Games, Food, Friends, and Coffee

Super Smash Café opened it’s doors at the end of March of 2019. Do you like playing video games? Coffee? Friendly competition? You’re in for a treat. Super Smash Cafe is a place you can go that will have all of the above, plus more, like new friends and good times! You like food too, right? Pizza? Snacks? Desserts? I bet you like all kinds of things. They have all of those things!

They’re a small but cozy space that has a number of video game systems and TVs for people to rent to use. You can sip coffee while mopping the floor with your buddy in Smash Brothers on high end equipment paid for one hour at a time. They’re just across from SAIT and a short distance from North Hill Mall.

Simply put, it’s a cafe that also has video games you can play! Yay!

super smash cafe

Super Smash Café Details

They’re located right across the street from SAIT, mere steps from Loco Lou’s Bar & Grill, and just a stoners throw from Bongs & Such.

How Does It Work?

  • Call and reserve a block of time, or walk right in (if there’s room!)
  • Check in at the front desk
  • Order any food or drinks you want
  • Choose your TV, console and game
  • GAME HARD for your allotted time
  • Pay when you’re finished!

They have multiple consoles ranging from the original NES to the Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox One/PS3, etc, plus the top 5 – 15 games for each. Inventory will change as time goes on.


They have three different tiers to choose from. All tiers include access to any console and any game.

  • Basic – $10/person per hour on a 55 UHD TV
  • Intermediate – $13/person per hour on a curved TV
  • Premium – $16/person per hour on a 75 inch gaming monitor

You can also book groups/parties! Call to book.

From the Super Smash Café website

Super Smash Cafe is the space for all your future tournaments, get togethers, and study sessions. We take bookings to reserve your table or entertainment station so you don’t have to worry about waiting for a seat. Please note that our bookings are on a First Come, First Served basis. Unfortunately, arriving 10 minutes after your reserved time slot may result in losing your reservation.

Food and Drink Menu

Espresso Style Drinks

  • Cappuccino
  • Latté
  • Americano
  • Chai Tea Rooibos Infused Red Espresso Latte
  • Black Coffee
  • Café Mocha
  • Espresso/Double Espresso


  • Mint
  • Chamomile
  • Arabic

Themed Drinks

  • Naruto Soda
  • Itachi Soda
  • Mario Drink
  • Donkey Kong Drink

Food and Snacks

  • Pizza, by the slice or entire pie
  • Muffins, danishes
  • Chocolate raisins, popcorn
  • Nutella Crèpe with Brownie & fruit
  • Ice cream (seasonal) – chocolate/mint chip/vanilla

Note: I’m not including prices because those change over time. Their prices are reasonable.

Also, Super Smash Café serves Fratello for their coffee.

Super Smash Café Photos

super smash cafe

super smash cafe family

super smash cafe little steps

super smash cafe friends

super smash cafe food

super smash cafe coffee

super smash cafe for all ages

super smash cafe people


It’s always really cool to see new businesses popping up in Calgary, especially when it involves video games and coffee. Hopefully one day they add beer!


Are there rats in Alberta? Wikipedia can’t decide.

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