Visiting Market Junction in Cremona

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Market Junction in Cremona

After a morning fishing trip to near by Winchell Lake, we stopped by Cremona to recharge and grab some coffee and food at a place called Market Junction. Market Junction is a space where makers of things can sell them to customers. It’s kind of like a permanent second hand market. Market Junction is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday year round, from 10am-4pm.

Inside Market Junction is The Railway Cafe, which has typical cafe type food, plus a pretty decent selection of other snacks. Soup, chili, pie, coffee/tea and sammiches. The village of Cremona is quite small, but this place is worth dropping by if you’re anywhere in the area.

The goods at Market Junction range from antiques, to handmade soaps and creams, to jewelry, to furniture, shelving units, ornaments, clothing, paintings, old sewing machines, you name it. Pretty much anything like that. There’s no video games or TVs.

I took a number of pictures, see below.

Market Junction
Market Junction from the outside.

The cafe offerings. Prices are quite reasonable, and there is an abundance of seating.

Market Junction Railway Cafe


The seating area. There’s a washroom if you need it. Also free wifi, but I didn’t bother with that.

Market Junction Cafe Seating


I went for coffee and apple pie. Apple pie goes with anything and should always be consumed. Even the McDonald’s ones.

Market Junction Cafe Food


There were a few shelves of books, but not too many. Pretty much every single thing you see in Market Junction is up for sale. There were some really interesting pieces, I wanted to play with everything.

Market Junction Items for sale


The vendors are mostly from the local area in Cremona, plus the Mountain View and Rocky View counties.

Market Junction Jewelry

Market Junction Furniture


The showroom off to the left of the entrance had lots of older furniture and housewares. Stuff your grandmother would go bananas over. It was kind of like stepping back in time, some cool stuff.

Market Junction Flea Market

Market Junction Art


There were consumable items as well, like soaps and skin cream and jarred food like jellies. I’m not sure what the prices were on this stuff, didn’t check.

Market Junction Soap


Good place to find something unique.

Market Junction Things for Sale


Lots of bird houses, both made specifically for the market and brand new, as well as ancient bird houses from the long long ago. So many bird houses.

Market Junction Goods


Bring a truck if you intend on buying big stuff. You can only fit so many old doors in your Audi.

Market Junction in Cremona

Market Junction Wares


I’m not even sure what a lot of the things were, a little before my time.

Market Junction Antiques

Market Junction Gourmet Jelly


Getting to Market Junction in Cremona

They’re located at:

213 Railway Avenue E, Cremona AB.

Click here to view  in Goolge maps

Their website is here:


Market Junction Map

The Village of Cremona

Neat little place. They were incorporated in 1955 and currently have a population of about 450 people. The village came to be after one of the pioneering families in the area opened up a store and post office in 1906, living in the area until 1960. Cremona is named after the city of Cremona in Italy. Fun fact: the postal code range for Cremona is T0M 0R0. Also, Aurora Cannabis is based out of Cremona. They have a curling rink, hockey rink, a school, and a volunteer fire department.

On Canada Day, Cremona has a parade and all kinds of family events. Hot air balloon rides, fire pits and hotdogs, an obstacle course and other things.

There you have it. If you’re in the area, drop by and check out Market Junction.

In Conclusion

Visiting Market Junction was great and I can’t wait to do it again. Check them out if you’re in the area.





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