A&W just opened a new restaurant in downtown Calgary. 7th & 7th sw!

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Downtown A&W Now Open!

A new A&W restaurant just opened it’s doors on 7th avenue, right beside the 7th street LRT station downtown. It’s freshly painted, well staffed and quite welcoming.

Something amusing though, is this A&W is open 24 hours! All day, every day. This is pretty cool actually, I’m down for 3am Mama burgers, but think about it for a second. A 24 hour fast food joint in our area. This concept has been tried before, and you can imagine how it went. I wonder how long until they hire a security guard? Fun fact: after midnight, the Circle K (aka Crack Mac’s) chains it’s doors closed and only lets in 1 person at a time, till morning.

Sooo… we actually reached out to the owner of a fast food restaurant nearby to get their opinion on the ‘being open 24 hours’ thing.

Here’s their response. This is real.

Open 24 hours? Mwahaha rookies. Seemed funny that they would think it’s a good idea. Oh well, I wish them the best of luck.

We shall see how things go!

For now, it’s nice and clean! Check it out. Here’s some pics.

A&W Downtown Calgary


A&W Downtown Calgary


A&W Downtown Calgary


A&W Downtown Calgary

I don’t know why they have the automated kiosk on the counter beside the normal cash registers. I was looking at this thing just to check it out and the staff hovered over me like they had done something wrong and I was disrespecting them by using a machine. It was awkward. It also talks to you.

A&W Downtown Calgary

Note: the washroom is for customers only and you’ll need to be buzzed in.

A&W Coupons

I love coupons just as much as you do. My Google fu is strong, and I have found this site – https://awcoupon.ca/en. You have to sign up which is kind of annoying, but once you’re signed up and logged in, there are some decent coupons that show up there. Tonight for example I had 2 for 1 breakfast sammiches. It’s nice to save some bucks.



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3 thoughts on “A&W just opened a new restaurant in downtown Calgary. 7th & 7th sw!”

  1. Went here around noon and got indigestion from either the cod wrap or root beer float. Will likely never return here again.

  2. I was there around 5am in the morning and bought food and i found out the scrambled egg was dirty at the buttom its color black seems that the grill pans was not properly clean..

    And i try to call the number that i found at Google search but it was Scotiabank bank who answered.. what was wrong..

  3. I went to dinner today November 16, 2018 and the lady who attended me did not want to lend me the bathroom. He told me that prime would have to order and then the bathroom was very rude and despota never return to place


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