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Bootleg Pizza: Chicago fake fake fake dish pizza

Allegedly, bootleg pizza exists in Calgary. This is something that showed up on social media earlier this year, that Dan Olson brought to light. I could explain what bootleg pizza is, but I’ll just show you what Dan said. These are his actual tweets, just embedded (that’s why they’re split up weird). Note: none of this is our content or opinions, we just collected the information and put it into one place.

Who’s Dan? Dan is a local YouTuber. Check out his channel here. And @FoldableHuman on twitter.

Here we go.

The alleged bootleg pizza places do in fact have store fronts you can walk up to and buy pizza from. They are legitimate businesses. However, if you call them to order pizza for pickup, they’ll put you on hold and transfer you to the 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep Dish company without telling you. Far as you know, you called 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep Dish, and that’s what they want you to think. What you’ve actually phoned is a variation of Chicago Deep Dish. Like, Chicago Deep Deep Deep Dish, at a different phone number.

The above tweets were posted on to reddit, where someone who claims to represent the 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep Dish company saw it and commented providing even more information.

Check it. Here is a direct link to the post itself.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

As you can see, there’s quite a history in the Chicago Deep Dish world between the different companies. Before this information came out, I had no idea this was a thing. I just assumed all of the Chicago Deep Dish places were the same. I don’t normally order from them though, so I can’t say for sure if I’ve even had bootleg pizza (or the correct pizza), but I assume so? They’ve been up to these shenanigans for years. But that’s what they want you to think, they’re all one big company.

Let’s say you order up some bootleg pizza from one of the non-403-531-3131 Chicago Deep Dish pizza joints, it comes, has something wrong with it, you call them up to complain and they tell you to take a hike, guess what – 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep Dish is all you’re going to remember. You’ll tell everyone not to order from them because they’re jerkoffs. Meanwhile, the 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep Dish not only just lost a potential customer, but they’ve made an enemy without actually doing anything wrong.

Think back, have you ever ordered deep dish and have a problem with it? I bet it wasn’t from the 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep dish.

Getting The 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep Dish

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Logo


403-531-3131 is the only phone number to order Chicago Deep Dish in Calgary. It’s displayed prominently in their logo, all over their flyers, and on their boxes. You can see it on the top of their website and pretty much everywhere.

Here are their 8 locations:

  • Forest Lawn, #7A, 3012 17 Ave. SE
  • Ogden, #401, 7248 Ogden Rd. SE
  • Midnapore, 211 153 Ave. SE
  • Haysboro, 208F Haddon Rd. SW
  • Downtown, #4, 1211 14 St. SW
  • Sunridge, #1, 3360 27 St. NE
  • Hawkwood, #35, 555 Hawkwood Blvd. NW
  • North Haven, #2-3, 4404 14 St. NW

The 403-531-3131 website:

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Website


One of the alleged bootleg pizzas website: (offline as of September 2018):

Phoney Chicago Deep Dish Pizza


It doesn’t even stop there. This other local place, while not copying their name or style, set up their phone number one digit away from 403-531-3131. One can only assume in the hopes of people miss-dialing and calling them instead? Just a hypothesis. I’m guessing this happens constantly in the food business though.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Copycat Number

These other deep dish places are even referenced on the 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep dish boxes.

Often imitated, never duplicated.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Boxes

Here’s is an old phone book from the year 2000 with what the actual Chicago Deep Dish logo USED to look like. Look familiar? That’s what the other deep dish places are using now, this older non-trademarked ad. Switching from this old logo, that people probably remembered, to their new one didn’t help things and only adds to the deep dish confusion. The other guys ads and logos all keep using the “deep deep deep ” dish thing.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Phonebook

Here is another ad, rolling with the old branding but with their own phone number. (this is the image from Dan’s tweet above)

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Flyer

There’s even variations of 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep Dish logo with the phone number removed floating around online. Someone went to great lengths to create something similar, rather than create something original in their own style.

Edited Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Fake


Check out this Chicago Deep Dish from Leduc. Logo look familiar at all?

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Leduc Phoney


In Closing

If you’re going to order Chicago Deep Dish, support the right people and call 403-531-3131.

From their website:


  • Update: Feb/18, the 403-531-3131 Chicago Deep Dish social media accounts were deleted.
  • Update: on August 17th 2018 we received an e-mail from a “lovemaan00786” person claiming that this blog post is harming their business. We responded within 12 hours to find out how we can fix that, but they never responded. Unsure who it was.



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