View Health Inspection Reports from Calgary and Alberta

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Health Inspection Reports

If you’ve ever wanted to check in on the health inspection reports conducted by Alberta Health Services, you totally can. Restaurant inspection findings are available online for anyone to browse through, which include a list of violations found during the inspections. You can browse through these inspection findings, but, are you sure you want to? You might not like what you find. There could be mice in the kitchen, unsafe food handling going on, or even poop in the jalapeno poppers ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

It may completely ruin a specific restaurant for you. Or someone else (if you send them this information).

The health inspection reports are available from not only Calgary, but the rest of Alberta too. Go see here for a list of the regions:

Go See the Results

Click here, click yes (at the bottom)!

Either browse to find a restaurant, input an address, or you can search.

Health Inspection Reports


Once you click on one of the specific health inspection reports, you’ll be presented with a list of the most 5 recent health inspections. If an establishment has fewer than 5, it could be because they’re newer, or have changed ownership recently. Here’s an example inspection report, with no violations! Yay!

Health Inspection Reports


Any violations found will be listed clearly, and written in plain English what the issue was. Keep in mind that some violations aren’t all that serious, like a paper towel roll being left on top of a dispenser, instead of inside it could result in a violation. Maybe someone was just in there cleaning and hadn’t yet put it in the dispenser and the inspector walks in – boom, violation in the health inspection reports.

If an establishment keeps having repeat violations, I’d maybe think twice about going there again. If you find a restaurant that has a spotless record, show your appreciation by dropping by for dinner.

Here’s an example inspection report with a violation.

Health Inspection Reports

The Restaurant Inspections

There are actually four types of inspections conducted.

  • Initial inspections – Which are done prior to a restaurant opening. They make sure everything is set up properly and the restaurant owner understands food safety.
  • Routine inspections – Done randomly 1-3 times a year. Food inspectors drop in without notice to check for violations.
  • Re-inspection – Following up on previous violations to make sure they’ve been resolved.
  • Complaints – Inspectors drop by based on a complaint to AHS.

Any place that serves food can be inspected. Restaurants, takeaways, school cafeterias, pool concessions, etc.

If you do find a restaurant with health violations, make sure to check on them again in the future to see if they’ve corrected the concern. Shit happens sometimes, don’t give up on your favourite food joints based on a one time report. Or do, I’m not your mother.


View The Closure/Enforcement Notices

AHS also keeps a list of establishments that have closed for whatever reason and if they’re coming back. They too are separated into various regions. To view elsewhere in Alberta, click here.

To view closures for just Calgary, click here.
If you click on each of the reports, it’ll say why it was closed in great detail.

Happy eating!


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