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Supporting Homeless Cats in Calgary

Have you ever wanted to buy things from a thrift store AND support Calgary’s homeless cat population at the same time? You’re in luck because now you totally can! MEOW charity thrift shop is a second hand store operated by the MEOW Foundation which accepts donations of goods and sells them for cheap, using the money to support stray feral cats through their support programs, such as Trap Neuter Return. The MEOW Foundation is the only Calgary-wide, non-profit, no-kill cat rescue. They’re so cool that even Regal Cat Cafe uses their services for the rescue cats you can adopt from them.

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop is also run by volunteers! Apply now if you’re interested

  1. Frontline is your finesse. Mingling and rapport is your prowess. Cashier/Retail roles are available!
  2. Behind the scenes is your fortitude. Unloading, sorting, cleaning, organizing and set up is your solace. Positions are available!
  3. Transport and delivery is your specialty. Shuttling empty boxes (from liquor stores) to the MEOW Charity Thrift Shop weekly is your calling.

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop Details

What You’ll Find At MEOW Charity Thrift Shop

The shop may not be huge, like the warehouse sized thrift-shops, but it’s still well stocked with all sorts of well priced second-hand items. Accessories, books, board-games, toys, small kitchen and beauty appliances, and of course a good selection of glassware, china, and porcelain do-dads.

What will you not find there? Clothes. Aside from accessories like scarves and purses, you won’t find clothes here yet. Maybe it’ll be something they can accept and sell in the future, but for now it doesn’t look like they quite have the room and resources to handle taking on clothing. Understandably.

For the money, it’s worth the jaunt up Edmonton Trail. Interesting rotating stock, super reasonable pricing, and duh, you help cats.

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop dishes

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop glassware china

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop odds ends

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop piggy banks

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop Books

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop Records 45s Vinyl

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop Board games

MEOW Charity Thrift Shop Ornaments

Accepted Donations

  • Antiques, collectibles, vintage, art
  • Bath & Body
  • Books, games, puzzles, toys, stuffies
  • Home decor, hobbies & crafts
  • Jewelry, hats, scarves, belts
  • Kitchenware & small appliances
  • Garden tools & decor
  • Linens & bedding
  • Luggage, purses, totes
  • Seasonal decor
  • Small electronic, flatscreen TVs, cameras
  • Small furniture
  • Sports equipment, camping, tools

Donations Not Accepted

  • Auto parts
  • Baby cribs, car seats, booster seats
  • Building materials
  • CD’s, DVD’s, video games
  • Chemicals, pesticides, explosives
  • Clothing, boots, shoes
  • Computer components (unless new in box)
  • Helmets
  • Large appliances
  • Large exercise machines
  • Large furniture
  • Mattresses and box springs


You get to help cats, buy things on the cheap, and make the world a slightly better place. Plan a visit!


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