10 ways how not to be an asshole on Calgary Transit

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10 Calgary Transit Tips

We’re both heavy Calgary Transit users and I thought it would be nice to put together a list of 10 basic guidelines people can follow to make it better for everyone. And I get to vent, weeee!

In no particular order..

1. Let people get off the train before you get on

This is probably the easiest to understand but the one most people seem to have trouble with. When the doors open, simply step to the side and let the people, strollers and/or wheelchairs get off first. If you do this, there will actually be more room for you inside the train. Seriously. It’s not even logical to try and get on before. Stop doing it.

2. Have your pass/fare ready before the bus shows up

It’s really frustrating for other passengers when you’re standing in the door blocking people from boarding while you search through your bag or purse for your pass or fare, which you could have had ready and waiting. In addition bus drivers also have a schedule to keep.

Have it ready, board quickly, be awesome.

3. Escalator efficiency 

Stand on the right, leave room for people to walk up the escalator on the left. This will allow traffic to keep moving, keep everyone happy, and you really don’t even have to do anything. Want to stand? Just do it on the right! 

Calgary Transit
I wish Calgary Transit had something like this.

Also don’t stand at the top of the escalator having conversations or playing on your phone. Get out the way!

4. Keep control of your kids while using Calgary Transit – please!

As a parent, we both understand how exhausting it can be taking children on public transit, especially fussy babies. While you might not be able to calm down a screamer, older kids certainly can be dealt with. Keep them from climbing things, kicking people, running around, etc. Some people really hate kids so it could lead to problems. Do your best!

5. Move right to the back

When getting on a bus, head to the back. Don’t stand right at the front blocking other people from getting on and moving to the back themselves. It can be a real safety issue if the there’s a crowd of people up at the front and the driver has to hit the brakes abruptly. Your teeth might smash into something. Remember that.

6. Seats are for people

Especially pregnant, elderly, or elderly pregnant people. Keep your groceries, backpacks, bags, purses, boxes on the floor or on your lap. It’s so incredibly rude to bogart a seat just because you don’t want someone sitting beside you. Don’t want to hang out with the public? Stay the hell off public transit. Also? Don’t sit in the aisle seat while blocking the window seat with nobody in it. Rage!

7. Priority seating

The seating at the front of buses, and beside doors on trains, have been set aside for people that very much should sit down while in a moving vehicle. When the Mrs was pregnant, she had to constantly ask people to move so she could sit down, and occasionally they wouldn’t. Have some decency and give up your seat to someone who needs it.

An elderly person or someone with a disability trumps a stroller, by the way. Furthermore you might not be able to SEE someone’s disability, so keep that in mind as well.

8. Get on last when you’re getting off in a few stops

If you’re only traveling a short distance, or between a few stops, wait to get on the bus or train last. You’ll be closest to the door to get off first, and won’t have to fight your way through a crowd.

9. If the train that pulls up isn’t yours, move out of the way

If you’re trying to catch a train downtown, both the Red (North/South) and Blue (East/West) line will show up at each of the stops. During rush hour this can be especially crowded and busy. If you see a train pulling up that isn’t yours, please make way for people that do need it.

10. Don’t swear around kids

We swear. We swear constantly. The Mrs swears like an oil and gas worker, even. You probably do too, which is fine! Just, when you’re around children on transit, please try to stick to words you’d only be able to say in a professional setting.

Calgary Transit List Wrap Up

This list is by no means exhaustive, there are other things you can do, such as putting deodorant on (especially in the summer!) or not leaning your whole damn body against the pole people need to hold on to, covering your mouth when coughing, etc, but I don’t expect miracles. One more thing.. don’t ever clip your fucking nails on public transit. So gross.

Calgary Transit has some tips on their website as well.

Calgary Transit Bus Sexing

Bonus! This is where you can check to see if the bus is male or female. This bus is male.

Calgary Transit
It’s so cute!



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10 thoughts on “10 ways how not to be an asshole on Calgary Transit”

  1. I ride the bus# 145 Skyview Ranch,whats nightmare in the afternoon from 3 pm to 5 pm.you are standing at the bus stop and the driver stops 10 feet or more away from the stop.everyone rush the bus.school kids the worst,no respect for anyone waiting long before them.even the adults are doing the same thing.there is no civilized way.they are like animals.the bus driver even allows them to board from the back door.hope Calgary transit comes with a system to fix this.single file to board only from the front door and when you arrived at the stop go the back of the line as others are there long befor you.

  2. There is lots of places indicate should take place like a Grocery store, eg. if u take a plastic bag and don’t use it don’t try to stuff it down a cooler vent or between the apples. If u take something from anywhere and don’t want it then put it back don’t just leave it in the Produce department. In the produce department don’t squeeze everything u touch and then put it back, what make’s u an expert, u just bruised everything u touched and someone else is going to buy it and take it home and not be happy, not always its the employees fault most times it u !! same with the packaged salads don’t rummage through then finally pick 1 and throw it in your cart or basket, why do u think they go bad its because u bruised it, u have to be careful with them. Saying that all Produce has to be treated like eggs and they will last. don’t be so careless.

  3. Another one left off the list is men taking up more room than they need to because they have to sit with their legs spread wide open. Seriously, we don’t need you to advertise how big your junk is.

  4. Thank you so much for 7. I had a woman go off on me that I didn’t look like I’d just had surgery. Super nasty. I’d just had a biopsy and lifting my arm to hold on hurt. Someone else let me sit and then she went off that I’m too young for breast cancer. Didn’t want to tell her in the first place what was wrong. Incision was in my armpit, so you can imagine how holding on feels. But yeah, she’s like “why do you need to sit?” “I just had surgery.” “What surgery?” “None of your business.” “you are just lying, you didn’t have surgery.” “I had a biopsy.” “so you can hold on.” The incision is in my armpit. “You mean like breast cancer? you are lying, you are too young for breast cancer.” In my head I was trying to figure out how much it would hurt me to smack her. I’m older than I look

  5. You forgot that doorways are not parking lots. It amazes me how many people make getting on an off buses and trains difficult because they insist on blocking the entry ways. Such people are selfish or just plain stupid.

  6. Also, if you have a question for the driver, wait till everyone else disembarks/boards. The driver needs to check fares and if he/she is answering your question, it holds everything up.


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