BODY WORLDS in Calgary: Vital, at Telus Spark

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BODY WORLDS in Calgary

For the second time, Calgary is host to BODY WORLDS at the Telus Spark science centre! What is it? Donated human corpses undergo a ‘plastination process’ where the water and fat in the body is replaced by a type of plastic, which prevents smell and decay, and allows them to be posed and displayed in ways that have never been seen before. More info on the process here, and the wikipedia article on plastination. Cool stuff. Love having Body Worlds in Calgary!

The first time they were in Calgary was back in 2010 when the science centre was located downtown on 10th street, called ‘BODY WORLDS and the brain’.

BODY WORLDS: Vital focuses on the body and it’s movement, how our lifestyles affect us and have a physical impact on the body.

Tickets/info here:

  • (this was in 2016 and tickets are no longer available)

And now.. some photos 🙂 These were taken using our cell phones and a camera, but you really need to see this stuff to really SEE it. If this interests you, pictures aren’t going to do it justice. You should see the exhibit in person. We highly recommend checking out in person sometime. Your own eyes have the best resolution. Unless you’re blind I guess.. if that’s the case, I’m surprised you’re here. Although there are text to speech programs though? Anyway, see below!

BODY WORLDS in Calgary
She is actually the last body in the tour.


BODY WORLDS in Calgary
Side profile.
BODY WORLDS in Calgary
Development of the human embryo, in various stages of growth.

In the above photo you can see the various stages of growth we go through, starting at 4 weeks. It’s smaller than a pea.

BODY WORLDS in Calgary
19 weeks.

After the embryos, come foetus stages. Sorry no banana for scale.

BODY WORLDS in Calgary
‘slides’ of human tissue to show what effects obesity on the body

Here, a staff member explained what we were seeing, how the different organs were affected by things, and other fun facts about our bodies and obesity.

BODY WORLDS in Calgary
Food hallway.

In this part of the exhibit, you get to see what $150 (I think it was $150..) buys in various parts of the world for a typical family living there. In the US it was mostly junk food. Surprising but not surprising.

BODY WORLDS in Calgary
Aaaand split.

BODY WORLDS in Calgary

This is unbelievable in person.

He’s like 10 feet off the ground fully suspended.

BODY WORLDS in Calgary
A bloody bust.

What blood circulation looks like in the neck, shoulders and face.

BODY WORLDS in Calgary
Slides on the brain.

You are presented with tons of information about what you’re shown, it is by no means a display to simply ‘shock’ you.

BODY WORLDS in Calgary
If I remember correctly, those are aortas in the middle.
BODY WORLDS in Calgary
Blood vessel configuration of the foot.

Here is a video from the Calgary Herald with prior to the opening, with some information on the exhibit and what to expect, from the President/CEO of Telus Spark, Jennifer Martin.


BODY WORLDS and the brain

Two shots from when BODY WORLDS came to Calgary in 2010. We weren’t able to take our own photos then, so we have none to share, though we most certainly did check it out.

These are c/o Telus Spark, they had them in their archives.

BODY WORLDS in Calgary in 2010
From 2010
BODY WORLDS in Calgary in 2010
From 2010.

In Conclusion

Thank you to Telus Spark for bringing this exhibit to Calgary! Very fascinating. Loved it. The kid did too! Thank you for the opportunity to check it out, and permission to share Body Worlds in Calgary .. with Calgary.

Hope Body Worlds comes back again!


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