Guide: The Peace Bridge In Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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What Is The Peace Bridge

The Peace Bridge is a pedestrian/cyclist bridge that extends from the south side of the Bow River, to the north side, right beside Prince’s Island Park, connecting the pathways on either side of the river. The bridge itself looks like a giant Chinese finger trap, which is quite striking when you see it in person. The Peace Bridge is open to foot traffic and cyclists, often being used as a backdrop for wedding photos or selfies, and occasionally ticketed events. The Peace Bridge is a very popular destination for Calgarians and tourists. Even though the Peace Bridge is a relative newcomer to Calgary, it’s quickly becoming one of our most iconic landmarks.

The Peace Bridge has separate lanes too, for pedestrians and cyclists. The pedestrian sidewalks are on either side of the bridge, with the middle lanes meant for people on bikes and e-scooters.

Where Is It Located

The Peace Bridge is located just outside the downtown Calgary core, to the west of Eau Claire/Prince’s Island Park.

To get there on public transit, take a c-train to either 7th or 8th street station (if you’re coming from the south/NE, get off at 7th street station, and if coming from west/NW, get off at 8th street station), then walk north for about 10 minutes.


The Peace Bridge first opened to the public in March of 2012, to a bit of a mixed reaction from Calgarians. It was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and the final costs came in at around $25 million. The bridge is open 24/7 (unless it’s being repaired) and it has excellent lighting at night.

Length: 130.6 meters (428 ft)
Width: 6.2 meters (20 ft)
Height: 5.85 meters (19.2 ft)

Breakfast on the Bridge Event

Every two years an event called Breakfast on the Bridge is held on the Peace Bridge, on June 20th at 5:21 AM to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Holland. Sun, rain, snow or shine guests enjoy a hot breakfast on the bridge while vintage airplanes fly overhead, accompanied by army band music. Tickets are $1000.

Things To Do 

The Peace Bridge is a must-see for anyone visiting the city, just for the views and photo opportunities of it, and from it. There is no other bridge like it in the world. On the south side of the bridge you’ll find lots of seating and places to find shade, plus lots of grassy areas along the Bow River Pathway. During the warm weather, the area is almost always full of people during the day, and less so but still pretty busy in the evenings.

  • Take lots of pictures of the bridge – the whole area is beautiful.
  • You can’t fish from the Peace Bridge but you can fish beside it. Makes for some great scenery. Fly gear recommended!
  • Spend time shopping in nearby Sunnyside. Make sure to spend some time with the kitties!
  • There is a Pokemon GO gym in the middle of the bridge.
  • Cross over to Prince’s Island Park and have a picnic, play Frisbee, play some music, do some slacklining. There’s a playground for kids on the island as well.
  • Visit all of the neat little stores in Eau Claire Market, and grab lunch at one of the restaurants.
  • Grab food at Alforno or Q Haute Cuisine, which are just minutes from the Peace Bridge.
  • Chinatown is a 20 minute walk, on the opposite side of downtown, but worth checking out.
  • In nearby Eau Claire, have breakfast/brunch at 1886 Buffalo Cafe.


The Peace Bridge in Calgary giant red ball art project

The Peace Bridge in Calgary side profile, looking west along the Bow River

The Peace Bridge in Calgary during the 2013 floods

The Peace Bridge in Calgary at night, with the cityscape behind

The Peace Bridge in Calgary above a frozen Bow River

The Peace Bridge in Calgary south end

The Peace Bridge in Calgary sunset

The Peace Bridge in Calgary looking from Prince's Island Park

The Peace Bridge in Calgary during snowfall in winter

The Peace Bridge in Calgary sunrise

The Peace Bridge in Calgary on a chilly cold winter day with no people in sight

The Peace Bridge in Calgary photo ops after sunset

The Peace Bridge in Calgary warm summer night


The Peace Bridge, although costing a lot of money, we feel is a wonderful addition to our city and we personally love it.

Guide to the peace bridge in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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