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Moist At the Calgary Stampede

I hum in line at the store, sing in the shower, even mouth along with the words while I’m on the bus. I really, really love lyrics. Love how I can relate to them, how a song can take on so many different meanings depending on the time in my life and the situation I find myself in, yet the words never change. I love interesting word combinations, and how they can flow into and around each other, complicated yet logical in their progression. More than anything, I love when I don’t know what’s coming. Where I can’t sing along intuitively with a song I’ve never heard before.

I love lyrics. I love Moist.

A simple word
A harmless glare
That binds me with the thinnest thread
And pins me down to pleasure’s bed – Silver

And if anger is the ending
Of the things that we’ve become
For the mother and the father
And the sister and the son – Resurrection

Remind me to do a post about that part someday.

I have so many songs that hold real emotional connections for me, others that are just beautiful, or fun to sing, but most are just that, songs. A single track from an artist here or there, some random song I’ll never remember the name of but I can sing every note. So rarely do I love a band and all the music that they put out and, even more rare , hold a torch for that band, yet here I am burning brighter than ever after 23 years for one band in particular.

I came to burn the sky
And tear away the beauty that it sows
If I could rape the day
And find the things I thought I’d always known – Leave It Alone

I had the pleasure of attending the Coca Cola Covert Concert this summer, where they announced the lineup for the 2015 Coke Stage at the Calgary Stampede. I didn’t know many of the bands announced until we came close to the end of the announcements, and when it came I smacked my friends in excitement and screamed and promptly fell off my seat.

Moist was coming to Calgary.

Moist at the Coke Stage, Calgary Stampede 2015
Moist at the Coke Stage, Calgary Stampede 2015

Holy crap.

HOLY CRAP! Epic leet 90s band Moist was coming here!

I was so frigging excited that there is just not enough exclamation points or space for them. David Usher and I grew up in the same town even! I could explain the history of Moist but that’s not why I’m here today. That’s why Wikipedia is here though 😉

The band took the stage and I promptly lost my damn mind. Mr grumbled while editing the videos because you can hear me yelling through much of the footage.

I make no apologies because I was happy. Goddamn giddy like a kid, crying because I wished my little brother could have enjoyed it with me, ecstatic because HOLY CRAP MARK MAKOWAY IS GROOVING OUT IN FRONT OF ME!! happy.

Mark Makoway at the 2015 Calgary Stampede Coke Stage
Mark Makoway at the 2015 Calgary Stampede Coke Stage

They played their classics, with most of my favorites, alongside their brand new album Glory Under Dangerous Skies. Their first album together in 15 years and it was like no time had passed. Sensory overload heaven. In addition, it was like being high without actually doing drugs.

I completely abused my VIP ticket to hang out after the show where I accosted the band one by one. We have interacted with the band countless times on Twitter, even Mayor Nenshi weighing in, joking that we were a bad influence and the band should avoid us. Joking, I swear!

David Usher at the 2015 Calgary Stampede Coke Stage
David Usher at the 2015 Calgary Stampede Coke Stage

Meeting Moist

I chatted with Jeff under the night sky with a group of other fans. It was so neat listening to other people describe the last time they saw the band or hearing band members greet friends or familiar faces.

After awhile Mark came out and I waved him over, trying to be cool. Oh God  Mrs, be cool don’t fangirl. You’re fangirling. STOP FANGIRLING! I explained that we we were behind the Crackmacs account and he remembered it! We talked about Kingston, about the band forming, about the high schools we attended, and I fangirled some more because I got a hug!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!

David wandered by and I squeed and waved him over, and he looked at me like I was nuts. I am, but I gestured again and Mark joined me, yelling “Hey c’mere! She’s from Kingston!” and lo and behold, David came over. I think I blacked out then because I couldn’t form words, just grinned like an idiot while I hugged a very sweaty man who I have been in lyrical love with for more than half my life


Eventually Mark and David were able to extricate themselves from my gleeful death grip and they disappeared from view. I died you guys, I died and went to lyrical heaven.

So, that happened.

Moist – Coke Stage – 2015 Calgary Stampede


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