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Find out What’s happening in Calgary

Calgary is a big city, there’s always something happening. When something does happen, two things occur. People seeing what’s happening want to share it, and people that don’t know what’s happening want to find out what’s up. I have created a group on Facebook called What’s happening in Calgary, where Calgarians can communicate and share, or look for information regarding emergency situations and events.

Not just anything ‘happening’, but emergencies and things of that nature. Fires, floods, rescues, accidents, crazy weather, an elephant running loose through the city, etc. Things that Calgarians would like to know about of an important nature, real-time, and from a reliable source. No off topic posts, no spam, no ads, no fighting or arguing, this group will be tightly monitored to make sure content fits with the theme.

What's happening in Calgary

To date there is only one post in the group, mine. When I was at Superstore tonight, casually walking around shopping for 45 minutes… wham, power goes out. Everyone got kicked out of the store and we had to leave everything behind. That sure sucked. Anyway, it was the perfect example to get the group started. Here is a link to the post itself.

What’s happening in Calgary: The more, the merrier

The kind of content this group will be sharing is sort of our bread and butter at Crackmacs. We’ve been sharing ‘happening now’ type content for 8 years now, and we’re just two people. Having potentially hundreds if not thousands of eyes on the ground all over the city should be able to increase awareness to what’s happening in Calgary. Maybe. Maybe it won’t, maybe this Facebook group will suck and nobody will use it. It’ll be fun to try.

What’s happening in Calgary: Rules rules rules

While the group will be heavily monitored, there aren’t many rules to follow, or break. See something happening? A car flipped over? A window falling out of a building? Post it in the group. Seeing smoke to the south and want to know what it’s from? Check the group.

Posts that are not allowed: News articles, lost/found pets, missing persons, stolen bikes/vehicles, ads for services, sales, yard sales, local community events, politics, fundraisers. You’re welcome to comment with news articles as comments, but not as it’s own post. Additionally, arguing, fighting, bickering, harassing others, shitty behavior will not be tolerated. Comments will be deleted, and you’ll be banned if it continues.

Plus, there may be times when we’ll err on the side of caution and delete posts which may contain too much information, or really graphic content. What I mean is, if there’s a man laying on the sidewalk from a heart attack, dead, and someone walks by to take a picture, and they post this picture to the group, someones family member might see it before authorities contact them to let them know about their loved one. That would be really bad. That is just an extreme example, but you should get the idea.

Lastly, if posts contain lots of personal information for some reason, they may be deleted. We don’t need any witch hunts or anything like that buddy.

Keep posts on topic and real.

What’s happening in Calgary: Share Anonymously

We, Crackmacs, receive messages from people constantly with random things to share with our followers. Information on things happening around Calgary. Photos. Videos. All sorts of topics. We certainly don’t mind doing it, but with a group in place like this, you’ll be able to post stuff directly to it that people interested in that kind of thing can see.

If you’d rather do it anonymously, feel free to do it the old fashioned way and send us a message to post it to the group – and we’ll do that on your behalf.

What’s happening in Calgary: About the Group

This group is meant for educational and entertaining purposes. Don’t ever put yourself in danger to get a picture/video. Always listen to the authorities in an emergency situation. For now, it resides on Facebook only. If it takes off, perhaps in the future I can expand it somehow to other platforms. Baby steps.

If anyone has any comments/questions, shoot us a message over Facebook or Twitter, drop a comment below, or send an e-mail. Pretty easy to get a hold of.

Stay alert and stay safe.

  • As of November 2018 the group has 15,000 members!

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