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Legal Marijuana In Banff

Cannabis was legalized in Canada back in October of 2018, which of course includes Banff, Alberta. This page will explain where you can buy weed in Banff (and some surrounding areas). You can buy weed legally in Banff but only from authorized retail cannabis brick-and-mortar stores. You also have the option of buying weed from the Alberta Government directly, but they’ll have to ship it to you. Buying cannabis right from a store you can visit in person is quite a treat and a very long time overdue in the town of Banff. Edibles will become legalized sometime in 2019.

This page is a bit of a work in progress as the marijuana scene in Banff is brand new and things are still developing and changing. Check back often.

You’re here because you want to know one thing: Where to buy weed in Banff. Let’s get to it.

Retail Weed Stores In Banff

Even though the Alberta Government runs the cannabis show in our province, The Town of Banff is responsible for determining their own retail cannabis rules. See their website for more information. At present time there have been 5x cannabis store development permits issued but no stores are open as of yet. This page will be updated as things change.

Weed stores in Banff: (I’ll keep this list updated).

  • ✅ = open!
  • ❌ = not open yet

where to buy weed in Banff

Retail Weed Stores Around Banff

At present time there are no retail cannabis stores open within the Town of Banff. There are retail cannabis stores in Canmore and other places which are only a short distance away.

Weed stores near Banff: (I’ll keep this list updated). ✅ = open! ❌ = not open yet

Buying Weed Online Without A Prescription

If you want to simply buy some weed online there are several places to do so, but there is only one ‘legal’ site in Alberta. https://albertacannabis.org. At present time they only sell the dried plant, oils, seeds, however there are other sites that sell much more than that.

ShamrockCannabis.com. Shamrock Cannabis sells cannabis and shatter and stuff. $99 ounces etc. All the accessories. Seems decent.


Banff is probably the easiest place in the world to find weed on the streets, but the times are a changing with the introduction of retail cannabis! Hope this list and information has helped you. If you need it here’s some tips on getting from Calgary to Banff.



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  1. How about tourists? Assuming that I can find and legally buy some herb, where can I go to smoke it? I don’t want to get ticketed, or arrested for being ignorant of the laws.

  2. Hi – I thought I’d let you know that Banff Cannabis at 119 Banff Avenue is now open. The phone number is (403) 985-3337
    The website will be live next week, but it’s on Weedmaps and Leafly


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