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Looking for something to do in Calgary? Maybe something with the family? Maybe something that doesn’t cost a small fortune? Below you’ll find a list of things to do in Calgary that are good for solo adventures, date nights, family outings (everything is kid friendly), tourist visits or simply taking friends out for a night on the town. With each of the listings on this page you’ll find a link to a coupon or deal to save you some dollars, from CalgaryAttractions.com. Keep in mind this list of things to do is only a small fraction of what’s out there! To borrow a phrase from a nearby town, there are a number of things to do in Calgary.

Here’s a one minute video with a little bit of each Calgary attraction listed on this page.

Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post. We’ve teamed up with CalgaryAttractions.com to help bring some more awareness of what’s out there to do.

Bow Habitat Station & Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery


Bow Habitat Station Coupons

Located just down the road from the Blackfoot Truckstop is Bow Habitat Station, within Pearce Estate Park. Bow Habitat Station is a discovery centre (like a hands on museum) plus a fish hatchery where you can actually get to feed the fish! It’s a fun place to take children to, or adults that are into learning about the various species of fish and fauna found throughout Alberta. The fish raised in the fish hatchery (mostly trout) will one day be released into various lakes around Alberta. Outside is an interpretative wetland with all sorts of trails and pathways around the area, plus you may even see wild life in the park.

Do you like fishing? Do you have kids? If yes to both, you should take them to Bow Habitat Station in the summer time when their ‘Kid’s can catch’ fishing pond is open! Open from May 15th until October 31st, It’s a man-made pond just outside the entrance, stocked with trout for kids to catch. For $5 you can rent fishing gear needed, which includes a fishing rod, some tackle, a tackle box, nail clippers, and a hook retrieval tool.

Admission: $6 ages 4-17 / $10 ages 18-64 / $8 ages 65+ / Family (up to 2 adults and 4 youth) $30 / Children 3 and under are free.


  1. Bow Habitat Station has reopened in February 2020 after being closed for renovations!
  2. They’re closed Sunday and Monday.
  3. Free parking.

Fun facts!

  • Since opening in 1973, over 50 million trout have been raised at the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery.
  • They host birthday parties of up to 30 people, have various packages available.
  • Outdoor ‘kids can fish’ pond, $5 rod rentals. Catch real trout! Great for beginners. Open May 15-Oct 31.
  • Explore their discovery centre (great for kids). Explore the flora, fauna and fish that make their home in every corner of Alberta.

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Calaway Park

Calaway Park Coupons

Address245033 Range Rd 33
Phone(403) 240-3822
TicketsNot available online
view deal/coupons

Calaway Park is located in the Springbank area, just 4km outside of Calgary, along the TransCanada highway. It’s an enormous outdoor amusement park, you can’t miss it, and it’s open for most of the year (closes during winter). Calaway Park is geared towards families but adults can have fun there too without any kids (good date night idea). There’s rides, food, drinks, games, live shows, 3d movies, and so many other things to take in. One of my favourite things to do when I was a kid was to visit Calaway Park, but not for the rides or food. I wanted to go just for the fishing hole trout pond they have. For a few dollars you get a rod, bait, and get to keep any fish you manage to catch. I never managed to bring one home, unfortunately. I’ll try again next time I visit. Plan to spend at least a few hours there, if not the entire day. I’d recommend buying an annual pass so you can visit several times throughout the year.

Camping and RV packages are available which include access to the park, they also have hotel deals.

Admission: $41.95+GST ages 3-49 / $33.00+GST ages 50+ / Children 2 and under are free.


  1. Calaway Park closes for the season around October 14th.
  2. Calaway Park opens for the season around May 16th.
  3. They offer discounts on admission for groups of 12 or more.

Fun facts!

  • They have 32 different family friendly rides, including 2 roller coasters and 3 water slides.
  • Some rides are for kids only.
  • It’s western Canada’s largest outdoor family amusement park.
  • Calaway Park was originally planned to be called Flintstones Fun Park.
  • There’s an RV park and campground just outside of the amusement park grounds.
  • Has been operating for over 30 years, since 1982.

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Calgary Tower

Calgary Tower Coupons

The Calgary Tower is probably the most recognizable building in Calgary, sweetening up the skyline since opening all the way back in 1968. Originally called the Husky Tower, it was built to celebrate the 1967 Canadian Centennial (Canada turned 100), and as conveniently timed urban renewal project. The Calgary Tower is 190.8 meters (626 ft) in height, it 2 elevators, and although they aren’t open to the public, there are 802 stairs from the bottom to the top. Even if you live in Calgary it’s always worth visiting the Tower every so often to check out how the city is growing and changing around us. Plus if you go, bring some people who have never been before, they’ll love the glass floor.

Ruth’s Chris steakhouse is located within the base of the Calgary Tower. Sky360 Restaurant and Lounge is in the top, which rotates 360 degrees every 45 minutes! Try their Sunday brunch, it’s from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

Admission: $9 ages 4-12 / $18 ages 13-64 / $16 ages 65+ / Children 3 and under are free.


  1. The elevator up is FREE when you order an entree at Sky360 Restaurant and Lounge.

Fun facts!

  • Has some of the best panoramic views in the city. There’s a glass floor!
  • Occasionally they host events in the observation and upper decks.
  • There’s free WIFI.
  • The Calgary Tower has a restaurant in the top! Called Sky360 – it revolves 360 degrees as you eat.

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Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo Coupons
Address210 St. George's Drive NE
Phone(403) 232-9300
TicketsBuy online

Calgary Zoo Deal/Coupon

The Calgary Zoo does not have an online coupon at this time. They DO HAVE ONE but it’s located in the red paper copies of the Calgary Attractions brochure. You can find these brochures at any tourism kiosk, or at any of the attractions listed on this page.

  • Coupon: Buy one, get one 25% off general admission Monday – Wednesday.

The Calgary Zoo is one of our favourite family friendly things to visit in the city. No two visits are ever the same, sometimes certain animals are asleep, some are off doing who knows what, etc. The Calgary Zoo is open all year and they’re always having events and themed nights to keep things spicy. Did you know about their various conservation programs? Going to the Zoo makes for a great date night too. In addition, something else to check out at the zoo is their Sunday ‘Safari Brunch’ which is an all you can eat breakfast food gourmet treat. Enjoy eggs Benedict’s, omelettes cooked to order, bacon, a Belgian waffle bar, salad bar, dessert bar, plus a free flowing chocolate fountain with fresh fruit. The Calgary Zoo also hosts specialty brunches throughout the year, including Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers day and others.

Admission: $19.95 ages 3-15 / $29.95 ages 16-64 / $27.95 ages 60+ / Children 2 and under are free.


  1. Save $3 per ticket when you buy admission online.
  2. Parking is $12/day.

Fun facts!

  • 🐼 Pandas!! Watch them live online daily from 9am – 6pm.
  • You can save $3/ticket buying online instead of in person.

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Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame


Canada's Sports Hall Of Fame Coupons

Address169 Canada Olympic Rd SW
Phone(403) 776-1040
TicketsNot available online
view deal/coupons

Originally situated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1955 thanks to the cross-country efforts of Harry Price. In 1957 the Hockey Hall of Fame merged with the Sports Hall of Fame where they continued to co-habit in Toronto until 1993, when the Hockey Hall of Fame moved on and the Canada’s Sport Hall of Fame closed, with the amazing stories, legacies, and artefacts placed into storage where they remained for the next 18 years! In 2008 the Board of Governors for the Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame launched a nationwide bid process to find the new home our athlete’s legacies, which saw nine cities place bids with Calgary, Alberta eventually being declared the winner. In 2011 the new 40,000 square foot Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame opened in Canada Olympic Park on the city’s west end.

Visitors are able to enjoy 12 galleries, an 11-minute feature film, dozens of interactive exhibits, and learn about Canada’s sporting traditions through artefact, video, and photo collections in the Education and Resource Centres. Educational programs are offered to local schools and there’s even a Virtual Distance Learning Program! Exhibits and galleries include Women in Sport, Locker Room, Motion, Splash, Mary Simpson Ride, Contact, Bounce, Hockey, Glide, PyeongChang 2018: United In Spirit, Olympic & Paralympic Games, and Media Room. Learn more about them HERE.

Admission: $8 ages 4-18 / $12 ages 19-64 / $10 ages 65+ / Children 2 and under are free.


  1. They’re located at WinSport.
  2. Free parking!

Fun facts!

  • Interactive sports exhibits for the whole family.

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Fort Calgary

Fort Calgary Coupons
Address750 9 Ave SE
Phone(403) 290-1875
TicketsNot available online
view deal/coupons

Fort Calgary is a real life museum based on real Calgary life, back in the olden days. Great place to take history buffs, friends or family visiting, or to attend one of their many events. There’s all kinds of fun things to do, such as their regular Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre nights, trivia nights, brunch or a ticketed festival. A visit to Fort Calgary is appropriate for all ages, especially for kids. There’s interactive exhibits, they’ll learn the history of Calgary and the North West Mounted Police. Kids can dress up as Mounties or spend some time in jail. Expect to spend about 1 hour in Fort Calgary. If you aren’t having brunch, head to nearby Deane House for lunch, or drinks. It’s haunted there y’know. Cold Garden is also just right down the street too.

Admission: $5 ages 3-6 / $7 ages 7-17 / $12 ages 18-65 / $11 for students / Children 2 and under are free.


  1. You can volunteer with Fort Calgary.
  2. Paid parking.

Fun facts!

  • Open year round from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (closed for some holidays).
  • Easy to get to on public transit, driving or walking/biking from downtown.

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Glenbow Museum

Glenbow Museum Coupons
Address130 9 Ave SE
Phone(403) 268-4101
TicketsNot available online
view deal/coupons

The Glenbow Museum is broken down into two galleries: current exhibitions, and permanent exhibitions. As the name suggests, the permanent exhibits do not change and are always available for visits. Spread across the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors you’ll learn all about the history of the men and women that helped shape Alberta into what it is today, all about the Blackfoot First Nations peoples and their culture, West African achievements, plus historical artwork from the Glenbow collection depicting North America, the western life, and history in our region. There’s also a warriors/military exhibit full of cool historical armour and weapons from several cultures over many different centuries. Of course there’s also Treasures of the Mineral World, a huge collection of rocks, gems, and everything in-between. The rocks and gems are a huge hit with kids!

Current exhibitions change every few months and offer up new and exciting look at all sorts of different topics. Every single one is different.

Did you know you can visit the Glenbow Museum for free?! On the first Thursday of each month they open up the museum for everyone, for free, from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM. It’s a great opportunity to get a taste of history and have a fun date night without needing to spend money, though you’ll want to keep in mind it can get a little crowded. If you visit the museum on a regular night you’ll have plenty of more room to explore the exhibits and artifacts in detail.

Admission: $12 ages 7-17 / $18 ages 18-64 / $13 ages 65+ / $13 for students / Children 6 and under are free.


  1. Free Admission from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM on the first Thursday of every month.
  2. Closed Monday.
  3. They have a book on Amazon: Made in Calgary: An Exploration of Art from the 1960s to the 2000s Hardcover.
  4. Paid parking.

Fun facts!

  • Lots of opportunity to volunteer (good experience, looks great on your resume!).

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Heritage Park Historical Village

Heritage Park Coupons

Heritage Park Historical Village is a living history museum park located in southwest Calgary, just beside the Glenmore Reservoir, and it’s one of the cities best and most visited attractions. The park is filled with costumed actors re-enacting life from the eras of 1860s, 1880s, 1910, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, and there’s a whole bunch of old timey buildings from the early 1900s scattered throughout the grounds to explore. There’s restaurants, various stores and shops, a bakery where everything is made by hand, and so many more attractions & exhibits. There’s something for everyone at Heritage Park but it’s especially a great place to bring the family, a date night, or a place to bring friends from out of town.

Must do: Go for a ride on the S.S. Moyie paddle boat, go on a wagon ride, take a ride in a train coach being pulled by a real locomotive!

Admission: $13.95 ages 7-15 / $19.95 ages 7-15 / $26.95 ages 16-64+ / $20.95 ages 65+ / Children 2 and under are free.


  1. Alberta Bakery, within the grounds of the park is a real bakery. I recommend their butter tarts!
  2. Closed Monday.
  3. They have a book on Amazon: Made in Calgary: An Exploration of Art from the 1960s to the 2000s Hardcover.

Fun facts!

  • They host birthdays, Christmas parties, weddings, company picnics, meetings and seminars,

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Downhill Karting By Skyline Luge Calgary

Skyline Luge Downhill Karting Coupons

Downhill go-karts are super fun, especially for kids, and especially for big kids. Downhill Karting by Skyline Luge is a downhill racing track located at WinSport in the southwest, where you can take advantage of gravity to drive super fun go-karts down a hill. No need to walk back up either as you can use the chair lift! It takes approximately 15 minutes to go from the top to bottom, but expect to spend a few hours or the entire day doing it. How fast you go depends on you; you’re in control.

Admission: $21 for 2 rides / $25 for 3 rides / $29 for 4 rides (online only) / $33 for 5 rides.


  1. Downhill Karting closes for the winter. They will re-open in May of 2020.
  2. Children must be at least 110cm tall to ride alone.
  3. A lap of the course (including Luge ride & chairlift) takes approximately 15 minutes.

Fun facts!

  • How to use karts: pull back on the handlebars to slow down or stop; release them to accelerate.
  • They close for the winter, re-opening in May.
  • Children must be at least 110cm tall to ride in the kart alone.
  • Purchased tickets are valid for 12 months. Great for gifts/stocking stuffers!

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Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre

Studio Bell National Music Centre Coupons

Calgary is so lucky to have the National Music Centre inside of it! The NMC is a non-profit museum dedicated to Canadian music and it’s filled with all kinds of cool stuff. There’s hands on exhibits and instruments to tinker with, lots of music history to read and delve into, interactive demos, authentic memorabilia from artists, such as Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” outfit, an acoustic guitar belonging to Anne Murray, one of deadmau5’s stage outfits, Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at night” sunglasses, plus many different historical pieces like this Couchet Harpsichord from 1679! You can see the entire National Music Centre collection online. Every visit to the NMC is a little different, but always a good time. Their after hours events are really a fun way to explore the museum, with food and beer/wine in hand. Great place to go for a date night. Expect to spend 2-3 hours, or more checking out all of the exhibits. Lastly, they host concerts throughout the year, keep an eye on their social media for updates.

If you haven’t been inside the Studio Bell National Music Centre building yet, it’s broken down into 5 floors, each with their own things to do and theme. Check out their list of permanent exhibitions to see what to expect.

Do you have kids interested in music? They also offer spring and summer camps for youth.

Admission: $12 ages 3-12 / $20 ages 13-64 / $15.50  ages 65+ and students / Children 2 and under are free.


  1. They’re fully accessible.
  2. Paid parking.
  3. Museum map.

Fun facts!

  • Guided tours and private tours are available.
  • Studio Bell doesn’t have food, but The King Eddy does right next door. Their rooftop patio is wonderful.

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TELUS Spark Coupons
Address220 Saint George's Drive NE
Phone(403) 817-6800
TicketsBuy online

TELUS Spark Deal/Coupon

TELUS Spark does not have an online coupon at this time. They DO HAVE ONE but it’s located in the red paper copies of the Calgary Attractions brochure. You can find these brochures at any tourism kiosk, or at any of the attractions listed on this page.

  • Coupon: Buy one, get one 50% off general admission Fridays only.

TELUS Spark is Calgary’s science centre, located kinda sorta across the street from the Calgary Zoo. TELUS Spark offers up a fun space for learners of all ages and abilities to get their science hands dirty, especially the younger generations. There’s over 100 hands-on exhibits to checkout, the creative kids museum, they host events constantly, day camps for kids, there’s school programs, camps & sleepovers, plus way more. TELUS Spark also hosts various exhibits that travel the world, such as BODY WORLDS: Animal Inside Out or Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience. No matter what you go to TELUS Spark for, it’s a great couple of hours. Don’t miss their gift shop either, it has some really fun sciencey gifts.

Tip: keep an eye on the TELUS Spark Facebook page events list, they always add upcoming events to it.

Admission: $19+GST ages 3-17 / $26+GST ages 18-64 / $24+GST ages 65+ / $22+GST for students / Children 2 and under are free.


  1. $10 daily paid parking ($5 after 5:00 PM).
  2. You can rent a locker at TELUS Spark for $1.

Fun facts!

  • Watch live planetarium shows and movies in their Dome Theatre.
  • The Spark Eatery has a full menu including soups, sandwiches, burgers with vegan and Gluten Free options.
  • There’s an outdoor playground which is open all year round, called The Brainasium. Included with admission.
  • Admission for children 2 and under is free!

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The Hangar Flight Museum

Hanger Flight Museum Coupons

Do you know any kids or veterans that like airplanes? From Cessna’s to Lancaster’s, the Hanger Flight Museum has a wide variety of civilian and military aircraft on display. Learn about the evolution of flight, how the Western world took part in various air conflicts, which planes took part in what missions, they even have helicopters you can sit in and play with the controls (great for kids). The Flight Hanger Museum staff and volunteers are very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have about any of the planes or artifacts. Expect to spend 1 to 2 hours browsing and learning, or longer if you bring someone who is a history buff.

Admission: $8 ages 3-11 / $10 ages 12-17 and for students / $15 ages 18-64 / $11 ages 65+ / Children 2 and under are free.


  1. The Hanger Flight Museum used to be called the Aero Space Museum.
  2. Open daily from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Fun facts!

  • All of the historical aircraft have been involved in Western Canadian aviation history in some way.

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Each change of season in Calgary bring’s a whole new set of things to do in and around the city, the attractions listed in this blog post are only a taste of what’s out there, and there’s new things popping up all the time. If you’re interested in something, make sure to follow them on social media to stay on top of new events and updates.

— Do you have any fun memories at the Zoo? Or Heritage Park? Calaway Park? Or any of the other attractions listed above? Drop it in a comment below <3


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